Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dazzle With the STARS

Monday, 13 March 2006
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We certainly had another interesting event to remember in our diary of events as down memory lane.

Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club will always venture into new ground to bring new excitement for our members. Learning to acquire confidence in public speaking is where most Toastmasters Clubs in Klang Valley offer but we as Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club believe in doing more for our members’ development.

This evening, we had presentation of speeches by Celine, DTM who shared with us on “SNIOP” and Simon, ATMB presented his winning speech as Area W3 Champion recently. Celine, DTM was not feeling well, but being a charter member and a dedicated member, she pursued on with her presentation.

As the programme progressed with Loggie and Montie’s comedy skit, the room was filled with big turnout; we had almost 60 members and guests attending our function this evening.

Next, came the highlight of the event – Wine Presentation by the winemakers from Austria and was brought possible to us by Wine Gourmet Singapore Pte Ltd.

It has certainly changed my perception on wine, I always thought wine was dry and taste like hard water but this evening, the wine was superb. The sweet wine was like fruit juice. Normally, white wine can be very dry but the white wine this evening was like grape juice being freshly squeezed. The winemaker commented that their sweet wine was special because the sweetness was enhanced by the favourable climatic conditions.

We were impressed by the taste of the wine as these wine were called boutique wines and not available at supermarkets. Some of us sign up immediately as members of Wine Gourmet and ordered our preferred wine. The cost of the wine was between RM67 - RM219.

It was certainly a wonderful evening, where we were reinforced by the speeches to be positive and be aware of negative people around you plus perception and choice we make in our lives. We had light hearted moments with Loggie and Montie.

The sweet wine that I had this evening has made me alert that I could complete my write up for this event tonight. Normally, at this time, I will be fast asleep. Even Celine, DTM who was not well, was feeling better after sipping the sweet wine. It certainly has some medicinal value as proclaimed by the winemaker from Austria.

From the desk of Vice President Public Relations
Ong Siew Chien, DTM.