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Breakthrough to World Class

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Registration of participants - Mun Yuen, Ong Siew Chien (Ismail is partly hidden)
.Light refreshment before the start of session
Emcee of the Evening - Loretta Chin

Good response
The presenter - DTM K. Loghandran, 1st runner-up of the 2008 World Speech Championship in Canada
DTM K. Loghandran captivating the audience with his entertaining, enlightening and enriching presentation and speeches
. .
In full concentration
From Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club

15 December 2008 (Monday)
7.15 pm
Dewan Seroja, KGPA

It was a fantastic evening with good weather. The majority of the attendees were on time to listen to our World Award Winner K Loghandran, DTM.

Dewan Seroja was fully occupied with 221 participants for this workshop. They comprised of Toastmasters from various clubs in Klang Valley, students, trainers and other professionals who came for the workshop. 50% of the attendees responded to the advertisement in the STAR Metro Diary where our President Mun Yuen faxed to them about two weeks before the event.

During the workshop, we had various queries on our club and about Toastmasters. Encik Ozain immediately submitted his membership application form during the workshop. The others who had interest to become members were in the pipeline.

The speaker in his top form managed to ‘move’ the audience and accomplished his objectives, i.e. to engage the audience with the nine emotions. The audience were certainly entertained as they received valuable input from K Loghandran, DTM.

As our club was a unique one where we have acting club, Spot-on Theatre, we have queries from other Toastmasters Club who are keen to join us as dual members.

I must specially, thank Daniel Teh, CTM who sold 60 tickets; Club President Mun Yuen who took a chance and faxed the advertisement to STAR early. Our club would like to express our thanks to STAR who assisted us by bringing in the members of community on the importance of Public Speaking to our workshop.

It was a great event where I received reservations practically everyday till the day of the event when STAR advertised our workshop. I certainly enjoyed organizing this event.

Thanks to Loretta Chin, Emcee of the Evening, who did a good job in introducing the Club and the speaker. Special thanks to KC Leong who is the photographer of the evening to capture the event for permanent remembrance.

Thank you to ALL who have made this event a success.

From the desk of Organising Committee
Siew Chien

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Joint Meeting

Speakers' Dream Joint Meeting

With : MII Toastmaster Club

Where: Level 2, Malaysian Insurance Institute, Jalan Sri Semantan Satu, Damansara Heights, 50490 KL

When: December 23, 2008 (Tuesday) Starting 6.45pm

There are two spots for Assignment speech and 1 for evaluator.

Other tasks allocated for Speakers' Dream are Table Topic Master, Grammarian, Ah Counter and General Evaluator.

Please contact Lawrence or Ismail for booking. Refer contacts at right sidebar.

More information about MII Toastmaster, please visit

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breakthrough to World Class

Dear Esteemed Members,

A workshop coming your way this 15 Dec 2008! It is conducted by our First-runner-up in the World Speech Championship in Calgary, DTM Loghandran. Don't waste this opportunity to hear from the expert himself in our homeground. You will get to watch 3 videos of Loghandran in the International competitions!

From Chow Mun Yuen
Club President
Speaker's Dream Toastmasters Club

Those with world class mentality talk about ideas. They are always looking for ways to grow, increase, become better, build, influence more,impact more, do more, be more. They associate with positive, excited people and avoid negative, limiting people.
Watch and examine for yourself three winning videos on how you can engage an audience by touching on the nine emotions. Learn about the VIAGRA formula as the speaker used on NTV7 and how a winning speech contestant used it in Bali recently.

Spend an evening with us to take your Profession or vocation to worldclass

Achieve your targets and attain best performance by using *Public speaking*

*Learn the tips from our World Award Winning Speaker

*Learn to trail blaze in areas never attempted before.*

*Analyse world class behaviour and match them.*

*Special techniques to energise your thoughts *
Conducted by DTM K. Loghandran:

**World Taped Speech Champion 1993
**1st Runners up World Championship of Public Speaking (2008)
**International Training consultant, Keynote Speaker, Coach in Public Speaking, sales, project management, teambuilding and customer service
**A Producer, Director, Actor and Playwright in English Comedy Theatre *

Date : 15 Dec 2008 (Monday)
Time : 7.15 pm to 9.30 pm
Venue: Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA)Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

*Your Investment*: RM20 per pax OR RM50 for a group of 3 pax*(inclusive of refreshments and workshop materials)*

*Who must attend this workshop :-*
Contestants for Speech Contests and Debate
Individuals who wants to make an impact in their presentations
Sales teams, Project Leaders & Managers

For reservations and enquiries, please call or sms :-*

Sew Chen: 012-311-3026 / Mun Yuen: 016 – 218-7876 *

Organised by : Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Toast to Public Speaking

ASIA's TOP: Loghandran's achievement is the highest in the international speech contest ever to be achieved by any toastmaster at the Asian level.

WINNERS: Logandran with WCPS champion La Shunda Rundles of Texas (centre) and second runner-up, Katherine Morrison of Florida.

By Marilyn Ten
Sarawak Post (The Sunday Post on 26 Oct 2008)

The number one fear of most people is speaking in public.

But for financial training consultant, Loghandran Krishnasamy, talking in front of an audience is simply a joy and this talent of his has done the country proud when he took the first runner-up spot at the 2OO8 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) in Canada this year.

About 25,000 toastmasters from 92 countries spoke at the championship, organised by Toastmasters International. Overall, more than 230,000 members from 11,000 clubs of the participating countries joined the contest.

Competitors were required to deliver a seven-minute speech and judged on core message, speech development, language and delivery techniques.

The KL-born Loghandran wowed an audience of more than. 1,500 at the contest in Calgary, Alberta, on August 26 with a seven-and-a-half minute captivating speech on "Finding the Rhythm" based on his observations of people who have everything but are not happy.

He even received a letter from the Prime .Minister's Office, congratulating him on the achievement, and attributed his success to his 15 years in Toastmasters … and that through the WCPS, had finally achieved world-class standard in public speaking.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation which teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Toastmasters Malaysia began in 1976 in Kuaala Lumpur and currently has 321 active Toastmasters Clubs, with 19 in Kuching.

Loghandran's achievement is the highest in the international speech contest ever achieved by any toastmaster at the Asian level.

The 54-year-old, in Kuching recently for the Connections Toast masters Club & Installation Night and Five Years Anniversary, shared his thoughts on public speaking with TheSundayPost.

Q: What is public speaking?
A: People are not born to be public speakers. Some are just private speakers who would rather talk among themselves. So public speaking is a skill you must develop.

Public speaking is a leadership skill. If you're good, in public speaking, people tend to think you are good in other leadership skills and you'll end up getting promoted for the wrong reasons (laughs}. That's why politicians can go up very fast and public speaking is one skill, a leader must have.
Some people may have other leadership skills but if you don't have public speaking, if you can't tell it, you can't sell it. So whatever ideas you have, you want to promote and present them ... if you can't sell the ideas, you lose out. So we must be articulate and able to sell the ideas and present them in such a way that people accept our ideas.

Q: Why did you join Toastmasters?
A: Some people join Toastmasters to face their fear of public speaking. I joined for the joy of public speaking. I was still in the banking industry then and we once had a contest just to encourage people to speak. We were each required to deliver a three-minute speech and I ended up winning and getting RM 300 for it. I remember thinking "wow, one minute for RM 100. That's not bad.”

Then I heard that Toastmasters International is a public speaking body where you deliver speeches in the club. So I joined the Penang Toastmasters Club In 1992 – I was working
there then – and when I first started, I was very raw with no structure.

But as time went by, I worked my way up and have been with Toastmasters ever since.

Q: How does Toastmasters work?
A: When you come to a toastmasters club, we have courses where you take assignments, each for around seven minutes. If you have finished 10 speeches, you will be known as a competent communicator. After that, you complete another 1O and you'll be recognized as an advance communicator. The member will be promoted from bronze to gold after completion of every 10 speeches.

Then you have another leadership track where you'll become president, area governor and all. Once you've finished that, you will achieve the highest award – the Distinguished
Toastmaster (DTM) – usually after about 40 speeches.

In my experience when a person is new to Toastmasters he or she is quite raw and a bit nervous. But by the eighth speech, you can see a transformation taking place. The person has changed and is visibly not as nervous any longer.
The basic thing to remember here is communication. There's one restaurant my wife and I frequent and one day I went there alone. The waiter asked me "where's auntie?' So I told him my wife was working. He said to me "tell auntie, I tell, where auntie?"

So I went home and told my wife the waiter asked about her. My wife knew the waiter could not speak good English. So she asked me what did he say? So I conveyed the exact message "Tell auntie, I tell, where auntie?"

Though it was not proper English, the waiter conveyed from his heart what he felt. Now that's communication.

But in Toastmasters of course, we expect you to speak at a higher level, especially if you're a university graduate ... and if want to present yourself, your level of English must be higher.

Communication can be at the lowest or the highest level. But we try to take you one level higher and there is no failing in Toastmasters. For every assignment, there is no failure. It's the people who give you feedback who are the most valuable.

There is a difference between judgement and feedback. Judgement is what you said was wrong while feedback is "this is how. I felt about your speech." This enables people to find out which area they can improve.

At Toastmasters, we use the American style of giving feedback. We tell it to your face like in American Idol. This is, of course, confined to Toastmasters members. So it's up to you to take it, and improve yourself from there.

Q: What can a member gain from Toastmasters?
A: Here's an example – a member reads a book about the Blue Ocean Strategy while the other members have not read it yet. For the next seven minutes, I get the gist of what is in the book. Therefore the knowledge is there and shared very well. Some will share their culture and that's the wonderful learning experience you get from Toastmasters apart from the fellowship. There are, of course, those who join just for the fellowship. They don't do any assignments but see it as an opportunity to meet friends.

At Toastmasters, we work as a team but at the same time, we develop you. So you have a great opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills. On the other hand, you'll get to hold positions and learn more about responsibilities. All these are leadership skills and if you go for trainings it can be very expensive.

You can have the most timid person who, after joining Toastmasters and climbing up the leadership track, may one day become president of the club ... even the person himself can't believe that he has achieved that position.

What's certain is that those who join Toastmasters come out more confident. You will always be better than when you first joined.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for your speeches?
A: Everybody has his or her own way of doing it. For me, I would spend the whole day thinking about it. But before I retire for the night, I would just drop it. The idea itself will come to you naturally – either from yourself, the radio, the TV or maybe somebody said something interesting in passing. I don't know how it works for other people but it works for me.

For eight months I was focused on this. In 1998, I was still working full-time as a banker. I couldn't really focus on my speech preparations then. But now, I'm doing my own business and don't have to stretch myself as much – so I have more time to spend on public speaking.
I always believe there is a coincidence. The more coincidence you get, the more you are in touch with the source.

My own belief is if you judge people in anything at all, you'll destroy the silence. Silence is the language of the soul. If you always complain, you are forming judgement and you'll disconnect from the source.

The source could be talking to you all the time. It may not be verbally but if you observe or listen hard enough, the idea will come to you.

In fact, for the regional level, I delivered a speech called "Silence of the Awkward Pause" and the message from this speech came from my son who loves walnut carrot cake. I told him to do what his mum always does ... taking one slice to his grandmother resting in her room. I cut one slice, gave it to him and watched him from the corner. Halfway, I saw my son pinching a tiny bit of the cake and putting it hi his mouth.

I said to him "you greedy boy. There are 11 more slices in the box and you chose to eat this particular piece. My son stopped, all the while chewing the cake, and replied "this is what mummy does. Mummy always tastes the food before she gives it to me. If it's spoilt, she would throw it away. Mummy said spoilt food is bad for your stomach. "We can't give spoilt food to grandma."

Here I was shocked in silence ... hence the title. You just don't know what to say. In that silence, I learned what is more important: a full slice of cake for grandma or a bitten off piece, approved with love and care by quality control.

Lessons are being taught in my own house and I didn't know it. So that's a strong message to my audience. There are times we assume we know everything and sometimes when people give you an answer – for instance, the Americans would call it the great comeback – especially children, you just don't know what to say in return. That silence is a reality check.

So you don't have to go far to find a message for your speech.

Q: What is your advice to those who like to face their fears in public speaking?
A: The only answer is to face them. If you have the fear of public speaking, go and deliver, especially when you are young.

Mohammad All once said "if I win, people would only remember for two weeks." So if you come to a Toastmasters club and said something stupid in your speech, people would only remember for two weeks. The next session, which is usually two weeks later, you'll be delivering a new speech … so by then, people would have already forgotten what you said a fortnight ago.
So if you think you're going to make a fool of yourself, go ahead and do it before you are 40. After 40, you are expected to be a leader, so make all the mistakes before 40.

Public speaking is something you have to practise many times and they say Toastmasters is the place to make mistakes. Any speech you deliver, there will be some glitches here and there. I had even done training where the youngest participant was a four-year-old boy ... I told him to come up and deliver a speech ... he came up and said "I want to tell you a story about the papa bear, the mama bear and the baby bear" with his chin resting on his hand. He could speak but all he had to do was take his hand and put it down.

Likewise, everybody can speak but it's the mistakes he or she should avoid. Structure the speech in such a way people can understand.

If a speech is all over the place, people won't know where your story is going and they can't get your message – so structuring is also a way to design your speech into an understandable format.

We all have different levels of anxiety nervousness. It's still there to a certain degree. It just needs to be polished.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Ching Your Roadmap to Success

Have you ever come to a crossroad in your life and did not know which way to go? Every incident that we encounter in our lives happens for a reason.

Come and spend an afternoon at this hands-on workshop and discover how I Ching can help you make good decisions to strategize and harmonize your life.

The entire purpose of I Ching is to equip you with powerful self-insight and transformation of the psyche that is simple and fast to fulfill your vision and goals. The sound advice from I Ching have certainly amaze people who are new to I Ching.

In this EXCLUSIVE (3 hours) workshop, the speaker will share with you :-
1) What is I Ching?
2) How I Ching can enhance your personal life, business, career, relationships plus experience think "out of the box" that could help you move on with your life.
“The I Ching is an ancient book of wisdom, and the origin is shrouded in mystery. The I Ching has been used for more than 5000 years as an aid to making decisions, predicting the future, etc. It is a long-standing and popular source of wisdom and inspiration, and is also gaining popularity in the Western world.”

The speaker, ACG Simon Soh has studied I Ching from Master Koh I Tze since 1988 and has been a practitioner for more than 10 years. He is currently pursuing a doctorate by applying the I Ching as a basis of his research. He holds a Master in Business Administration from the prestigious Cranfield School of Management UK, and is a Certified Knowledge Manager by the International Knowledge Management Institute USA.

Special goodie bags for first 50 participants who sign up… 10 Nov 2008

Details of the workshop:

Date : 6th December 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Venue : Malaysian Association for The Blind
Kompleks MAB, Jalan TebingOff Jalan Tun Sambanthan 4,50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Website for map :

Your investment : RM70 per pax (50% discount given to first 50 participants who sign up by 10 Nov 2008) (inclusive of refreshments and workshop materials)

Reservations/Enquiries : Mee Yee 016-5558203 or email

Organizing Club : Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forum - District 51 Toastmasters

This message is sent to all club officers for the term 2008/2009
By Clement Pang, DTMDistrict Public Relations Officer (DPRO) 2008-2009

Dear club officers,

*Do you want to promote your Toastmasters event to all Toastmasters in District 51?*
*Do you have question(s) about Toastmasters that you want to ask?*
*Do you want opinion on topics regarding Toastmasters from Toastmasters members in District 51?*
*Do you have information on Toastmasters or public speaking that you want to share to all Toastmasters in District 51?*

Introducing District 51 Toastmasters Discussion Forum at
your one stop portal for Toastmasters discussion.

No more email chain jamming your inbox. All you need to do is just registeras a member of the forum in order to obtain your login. Once you haveregistered, all you need to do is just to login to post your message or toread what other people have posted.

*To commemorate the launch of District 51 Forum, the District Public Relations team have some special offers for our District 51 members.

*Offer 1:*
For the first 50 Toastmasters members (*) who register as a member of theDistrict 51 Forum starting from Oct 6, he/she will receive the exclusiveDistrict 51 pin. When registering, please specify your active emailaddress.I will communicate with you using this email address for arrangement topassthe district pin.

*Offer 2:*
For the top 3 forum members (*) (based on the number of relevant postings(**)), he/she will receive the following prizes:
#1 - A competent leadership manual
#2 - A new member orientation kit for clubs
#3 - A Toastmasters publicity pack

All prizes are purchased from Toastmasters International

(*) - The following people are exempted from these offers: District 51senior district officers and also District 51 public relations committeeteam members
(**) - Relevant posting is defined as message that is not out of topic.


*1. Events*A forum to discuss all the latest Toastmasters happenings and events indistrict, division, area and club in District 51
*2. Education/Training*A forum to discuss topics regarding Toastmasters education program, thevarious training programs in District such as TLI/DOT and also speechcontests details.
*3. Club/Membership Building*A forum to discuss on club chartering/club rescuing/club mentoring andalsomembership matters.
*4. General Discussion*A forum where topics of discussion are not listed under any of thepreceeding forums

2. Click "Register"
3. Agree with the terms and conditions.
4. Fill in your particulars. Remember to enter your active email address.(*IMPORTANT*)
5. Wait for the email notification to confirm your registration issuccessful. Email notification title will be Welcome to District 51Toastmasters Forum"

Warmest regards,
Clement Pang, DTM
District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) 2008-2009
District Theme "The Courage To Conquer"
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Monday, September 22, 2008

No.2 in World Public Speaking Contest

DTM K. Loghandran is No. 2 in World Public Speaking Contest

Click here to read the news in The Sun newspaper on Friday 19 September 2008.

Congratulations to DTM K. Loghandran.

Bravo to Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club where DTM K. Loghandran is the Club member.
Click here to read.

The Olympics of Oratory: World Championship of Public Speaking... click here.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Public Speaking World Championship 2008

Malaysian Emerges 1st Runner Up In Public Speaking World Championship 2008
Extracted from BERNAMA... click here

By V. Sankara

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- Like Cuban American singer Gloria Estefan's hot dance number, 'The Rhythm's Gonna Get You', Loghandran Krishnasamy found his very own 'rhythm' to make the country proud when he emerged first runner-up in the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) in Canada last month.

Backed by 15 years experience as toastmaster, Loghandran presented his captivating speech entitled 'Finding The Rhythm' to win the hearts of a 1,600-strong international audience at the annual event in Calgary, Alberta on Aug 26.

His crisp, clear words and cutting-edge stories stole the thunder from most of the other participants, including those from Ireland, England and Australia at the qualifying rounds, who spoke in their respective accents.

"Generally, Malaysians are articulate and pronounce words which are easily understood. This may be a plus point for them in winning public-speaking contests," the 54-year-old corporate financial training consultant told Bernama in an interview.

WCPS, organised by Toastmasters International, saw the participation of about 25,000 toastmasters from 92 countries in the event.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation which teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

Annually, over 230,000 members from 11,000 clubs across 92 countries participate in WCPS where competitors deliver a seven-minute speech, judged on core message, speech development, language and delivery techniques.

Currently, Malaysia has 321 active toastmasters clubs, with more than 55 situated in Selangor and Klang Valley.

Loghandran, whose home club is Speaker's Dream Toastmaster Club (Malaysia) District 51, described his achievement as the highest honour in the international speech contest ever achieved by any toastmaster at Asian level.

He also received a letter from the Prime Minister's Office, congratulating him on the achievement.

Asked what inspired him to use the theme, 'Finding The Rhythm' in his speech, Loghandran said he chose the theme after observing the lives of people "who have everything but are not happy".
The success in WCPS had given him full conviction that his story-writing skills won the public speaking championship, apart from delivery, he said.

"I will be taking the writing skills to theatre, book writing and movies in future," he said.

Loghandran said he had always pursued a world-class standard, adding that taking part in the WCPS was a conformation that he had achieved the standard.

"I also have this conviction that we can domestically be driven to world class," said the Kuala Lumpur-born.

Among the awards won by Loghandran in public speaking were World Taped Speech Champion and PAN Sea Champion in 1993 and District Speech champion in 1998 and 2008.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests 2008

The above contests at Club level just concluded the day before, Monday 25 August 2008. The contests were good and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

My congratulations to the winners:

Humor Contest:
Champion: Simon Soh
1st runner-up: Elizabeth Chan
2nd runner-up: Kalyani Sankaranarayanan

Evaluation Contest
Champion: Simon Soh
1st runner-up: Alfred Koh
2nd runner-up: Koh Teck Lee

Congratulations to other contestants for your great spirit andparticipation.

Also, appreciation to our:
(1) Organising Chair, Ismail Fahmy;
(2) Humor Contest Chair, Darick Wong;
(3) Evaluation Contest Chair, Loghan;
(4) Advisors, Ong Siew Chien & Mok Soo Pon; and
(5) Role players, Tan Mee Yee, Seelan & Mok Soo Pon.

Simon Soh will represent the club in the Area W3 contest on 9 Sept 2008 at:

The Malaysian Insurance Institute
c/o MII - Toastmasters Club
Level 2 , Jalan Sri Semantan Satu,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Time: 6.45pm

Please come and support him there!


Chow Mun Yuen
Club President

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Humourous and Evaluation Contest

Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club Humourous and Evaluation Contest
Date: August 25, 2008 Monday
Time: 7.00am
Venue: Kelab Gold Perkhidmatan Awam, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Opposite Eastin Hotel)



For more information take the liberty to SPAM US, just as long as you call us and ask us about this contest.

LAWRENCE HOO 012-2999425

CHOW MUN YUEN 016-2187876

Location map to Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club:
Click here for Map 1

Click here for Map 2

or click at the right sidebar of this website.

Lawerence Hoo

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Club Officers Installation Nite

Dear Esteemed Member,
I am pleased to invite each one of you together with your family members/friends to attend this major joint event of Speakers' Dream TMC and Spot-On Theatre.

Details of the event are as follows:-

Date : 24 AUG, 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 7 p.m.
Venue : KPGA Golf Club (Restaurant on the ground floor)
Cost : RM30.00 pax

To make this event more interesting, each one of you are request to wear a HAT for the function.

Highlights of the event are as follows:-

a) Our famous and talented, K Loghandran is expected to provide fantastic entertainment for the nite.

b) Our popular actress, Loretta and the famous "loan shark"/"Charlie", Lim Hin Chong will sing for us. I guarantee that the songs will be so good that oil will come out from your ears.

c) Presentation of Toastmasters of the Year Award for 2007/2008.

d) Installation of the new Exco for Speakers Dream TMC.

e) Appreciation of the Actors/Actress of "I Will Survive" - Another successful comedy production by Spot-on Thretre.

f) Sumptuous Chinese Dinner will be served in the Club House environment in KPGA. Manu will be advised later.

g) LUCKY DRAWS. Contributions from members for the lucky draws are welcomed.
At this moment, we already have 21 confirmed bookings.
Pls call me at H/P 013-3901055 for booking.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Robert Hue
Organizing Chair
Immediate Past President

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Runner-up - World Champion of Public Speaking

Congratulations to our fellow countryman, Mr K Loghandran, DTM. He has made us proud as the first ever Malaysian to achieve a runner-up position in the just–concluded World Champion of Public Speaking in conjunction with Toastmaster International Convention in Calgary, Canada.

Mr K Loghandran, our Distinguished Toasmaster, a motivational speaker, director, stage actor, and stage comedian flown to Calgary with an ambition to make it big in this international arena for the second time. (The first time he competed in this World Champion was exactly 10 years ago, in 1998.) “We think you are fantastic and an inspiration. This will definitely motivate the rest of our members to strive on in their toastmaster journey.” says Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster President, Miss Chow Mun Yuen.

World Champion of Public Speaking is held annually during Toastmaster International Convention, where 30 speakers from their respective areas gathered to give their 5-minute prepared speech. 20 contestants from non-American countries will have to compete in a preliminary round on the pre-conference sessions a few days before the final. 2 of the contestants will be selected to join the remaining 10 contestants from America in the final. The winner will be declared the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Lawrence Hoo

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Poet on Club Meeting

Lo behold itâ?Ts the time of the month again
No ladies I ainâ?Tt talking about the â?~painâ?T
Twice monthly I always make my way there
Speakers Dream Toastmaster meeting every other Monday in KGPA

Seargent-at-arms I led the infantry
Singing Negaraku we sing sans audio CD
I led the symphony without going pitchy
So good I want to share readers this little ditty

Lovely Mun Yuen always the humble speaker
Club president gave her little reminder
â?oremember to exercise your C&L manualâ?
Total â?~implementâ?Ts the language evaluator went to measure

â?~Sohâ?Tring Simpleton Mr Simon
Stories of wise and cries abundant
Always talks with passion always leaves a-ponder
Fearless in speaking your mind this time is what I hear

Table topic master led by yours truly
Olympic season, where I based the topics for bully
Loretta, Elizabeth, Simon, Teck Lee, Jasper, and Darick
Gabbled their lines with 2-minute passionate verbal frolic

Soo Pon as usual the multi-talented tasker
Evaluate speeches and doing ah counter
Melt roles like molten larva in ocean
Counted Loretta ahâ?Ts like cherries during blossom

Assignment speeches, the highlight of the night
Darick with his Teddy, Mee Yee with her homey
Darick made us welled up in tears(almost), Mee Yee brought us to heryounger years (foremost)
Evaluator Robert and Elizabeth all said speeches well composed

Teck Lee, the general evaluator got up and the floor got silent
Guests all came and tells us the meeting was pleasant
Darick won the table topic session, Loretta was absent(minded)
Almost announced the winner before calling the president

Night was fun, people was fluid
We bid goodbye and hope the next meeting come quick
We donâ?Tt have to wait till our next incarnation right?
Cause 24th August, 2008 Sunday is the Installation night.

Written by

Lawrence Hoo

Posted by KC Leong, Webmaster

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Speakers’ Dream at Calgary

International Speech Contest is the only worldwide event organized by Toastmasters International, if there is a nirvana in speaking contest, this is it. The contest will be held in conjunction with annual International Conference, which this time is going to be at TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada, a 4-day conference from August 13 to 16, 2008.

The winner of International Speech Contest will be crowned the “World Champion of Public Speaking”. The representative from District 51(a cluster of three countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia), is our own Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club child, the incomparable, infallible, the have-I-said-enough-good-things-about-him-already Distinguished Toastmaster K. Loghandran!Contestants will come out with a five to seven minutes of original speeches.
K. Loghandran, DTM - The Contest Chair at the recent Tall Tales Contest
Before arriving at International Speech Contest, Loghandran went through a series of preliminary contests: First, winning Area W3 (constitutes a handful of Toastmaster Clubs around Petaling Jaya), then victorious at Division W (comprises of 6 area W contestants) and finally triumphing at District 51 (about more than 20 contestants from various Divisions from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia competing here).

At Calgary, Loghandran will have to go through two rounds of competition; first he has to win the Interdistrict Speech Contest, a sort of a semifinal playoff with contestants outside North America, during pre-conference on Tuesday, August 12, 2008. At this stage, there are two separate sessions that will run concurrently. Loghandran will be at Inter-district Speech Contest B, pitting against contestants from countries like Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Middle East and UK.

The other group (Inter-district Speech Contest A) includes countries like Japan, Mexico, Continental Europe and other parts of Australia. Only if Loghandran wins this level then he can compete against 8 finalists from the North America in addition to Speech Contest A winner on Saturday, August 16, 2008.Never had a Malaysian reached the International Speech final and not to mention win this Toastmaster championship. The last time a winner from outside North America won this World Championship was 10 years ago, by a New Zealander. If Loghandran wins he will become the first Asian ever to be crowned World Champion. (Vikas Jhingran, was the first non-white to grab the title last year, but he’s American, so that doesn’t count.)
With En. Azmi Shahrin, DTM, Immeidate Past Div W Governer
I think it’s already a huge feat to even be at such a meet of such stature, not to mention free tickets thrown in for a whole week of holidays in beautiful, mountainous Calgary. So Mr K Loghandran, you are very, very blessed indeed!! We hope you remember to enjoy the journey as much as the successes, of which most of them you already achieved, because you deserve them. Even though it is summer there, the temperature at night can be very cold due to Calgary’s geographical high elevation, so bring extra jacket for precaution.

All our prayers are with you. Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster wishes you all the best and Go Kick Some Rear End!!
Written by Lawrence Hoo
Posted by KC Leong

International Speech Contest - Calgary

Dear Loghandran, DTM,
The members of Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club wish you all the BEST inyour quest to be the best speaker at the International Speech Contest in Canada this August 2008.

We may not be there with you physically but be assured that we will all spiritually support you. We trust you will be at your best and whatever the results may be, we are already very proud of you and indeed very grateful of all your support in our club.
Club President

Club President, CMY

Posted by KC Leong

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Magic Formula

Everybody is looking for the magic formula to achieve everything that he/she wants to achieve. How can I snatch that girl from the embrace of her boyfriend? How could I make millions of ringgit in one year? How could I make a huge impression like Loghan did? All the said dreams are actually being marred by the pseudo-effort of wanting to grab that elusive sorcery secret potion, the unevidential panacea, that fictional fairytale.

The only solution is to smack that head down hard, real hard, if not with a hammer, so that it goes through to your corpus callusom, to wake you up to smell the real coffee and get your feet firmly planted on the ground. There is NO magic formula damnit!! If you want to get that pretty girl you got to bite the bullet and trudge through with stiff upper neck and make that first move, if you want to earn your first million you got to hold the issue by the ball and do whatever it takes! If you want to speak like Loghandran you got to train like Loghandran!!!

Luckily for 12 of us, tonight’s (Monday 28 July 2008) Toastmaster demonstrated us just that. How to train and learn like Loghandran. Loghandran is training to become the first ever Malaysian to win the ultimate contest, Toastmaster World Championship Contest in Calgary on August 16, 2008. The 12 of us members and guests had the opportunity to watch Loghandran gave his championship speech, the exact words, the exact facial expression and the exact ‘awkward’ness in the speech that pitch our Malaysian treasure with the best from the whole world. He had finalized his speech for the contest and asked us for an open and frank evaluation of him. How’s that for a regular Toastmaster night?

In addition to that, Dr Devi our current Area W governor and past president of Sai Master TM made SD TM her first ever club visit since becoming the governor. Shows how important and significant our club is to the toastmaster fraternity.

The meeting went by smoothly, made interesting by the important people like Sew Chien, Soo Pon, Simon and Loghandran. The reason SD TM is able to maintain such a high benchmark on speech quality is because of the dedication and love poured by this bunch of people. We could never have survived and flourished had it not been the unenviable energy and determination sowed by them. SD TM rules!!!

Wait, there’s more! Weng Cheong crashed in his ice breaker, and did he wowed us! With such poise and readiness, delivering figurative speech never seen from an icebreaker, covering other skills only much later required, like a pro in an amateur court. So good it brought the best of the evaluator Simon, trumpeting as much praise as predictions of his future illustrious achievements, even proclaimed him as the next Loghandran.

To sum up the night, thanks for the great showing of courage to the 4 table topic speakers; Shah, Teck lee, Dr Devi and Simon. 3 other ambitious assignment speech by Mee Yee, who delivered her strategies to achieve 10 new members to SD TM and steadfastly grilled down the works in our brain, Teck Lee, who recounted his days organizing KLPAC outing, and myself, illustrating influenza in Malaysia.

Loghandran’s evaluation of Teck Lee was as usual, amazingly discerning and constructive. Thanks to Suresh, current President of Sai Master for his evaluation of Mee Yee. Also to Soo Pon who produced a strong and reflective feedback for me.

Indeed a valuable night I cherish. As most evaluator would say, which should not befits a minute writer like me here for its potential impact and at times, banality, but I am going to say it anyway “I am looking forward” for our next meeting.

Lawrence Hoo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tall Tales Contest

By Lawrence Hoo

For those who have not heard of Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club, the most dynamic and vibrant Toastmaster is located at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, diagonally opposite Eastin Hotel, across Sprint Highway.

On Monday 14 July 2008, we have done it again: this time it was organized amidst other installation nights. The Tall Tales contest aimed to find the best 'liars' among Toastmasters in many clubs around Division W. And we did find the most outrageous liars to grace the stage and entertain the 70-strong crowd coming from all over Klang Valley and Gua Musang.
Lawrance, receiving a token from Contest Chair, K. Loghandran, DTM
Eight contestants, three from the host, and five from diverse Toastmaster background, left the stage tongue a-wagging among the audience, throwing praises and asking from the contestants during interim, with questions like "Did it really happen?" with wide-eye amazement and ludicrous expression bordering towards sarcasm.

I get myself my fair share of compliments (ahem) for I trudged through research and readings to prepare this totally-out-of-my-realm type of storytelling. But what was most exhilarating of the whole experience is the ironical relief and internal celebration knowing that I have conquered my stage fright in front of the judging and discerning crowd – a pat in my own back indeed.
Hilarious and exaggerated stories
To sum up the whole event, it was seamlessly executed. We achieved our goal of 70 audiences, although we hoped to have 10 contestants, of which two supposed to come from our club pulled out due to unavoidable circumstances. Kudos to the people who made it happen: Siew Chen, SAA Soo Pon, Teck Lee, the impeccable Loghandran as the Contest Chair, Mee Yee and Ismail Fahmy, Darick, Chau Weng, and photographer KC.

Also congrats to the eventual winners, Ahmad Salehuddin, Simon Soh and Daniel Teh.
L-R: Ismail Fahmy, Lawrence, Mee Yee, Daniel, Soo Pon, Teck Lee and Siew Chien
For the whole audience who came and cheered for your compatriots, thank you very much and do look out for more exciting activities organized by Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club. We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

Thanks and best regards

Lawrence Hoo

p.s. For people who want to remember my name, watch the 1985 Oscar-winning epic 'Lawrence of Arabia' and forever etched that face of mine with the word Arabia Lawrence Hoo.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Tall Tale Contest

Dear Esteem Members,

Congratulations to all on a well-organized contest! Congratulations to oursecond runner up, Simon Soh; Alfred Koh and Lawrence for taking upthe challenge to bluff in front of an audience ... :-))

Also my appreciation to the Organising Chair, Ong Siew Chien who workdiligently to make the contest a success. Our Contest Chair, Loghandran whodid a great job in carrying through the contest. To Teck Lee and Soo Ponwho work tirelessly to promote the contest. Also to the roleplayers andother members who have contributed to the success of the contest.


Chow Mun Yuen,
Club President

Click here to view 54 photos taken by KC Leong.

When you are in the photo album, click Slideshow. Click F11 to expand photos; click F11 again to return.

The Contest Chair - K. Loghandran, DTM

Alfred Koh - the contestant from Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club (SDTMC)

Lawrence Hoo - another contestant from SDTMC

Okay, one of the standard expressions when delivering a tall-tale story
x Main Hall of KGPA Club, the venue for this contest

The Sergeant-at-Arm: Mok Soo Pon

Applause for the exaggerated and humorous stories

The Runner-up: Simon Soh of SDTMC

L-R: Ismail Fahmy, Teck Lee, Mee Yee, Lawrance, Mok Soo Pon, Ong Siew Chien

Posted by KC Leong

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tall Tale Contest

Speakers's Dream Toastmasters Club

Invites all Toastmasters to a


The Speakers Dream Toastmasters club will be organising a Tall Tale Contest on 14 July,2008 (Monday) at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) 1st Floor Kiara Room ( see map attached)

The contest is open to all toastmasters with participation limited to 10 participants. This will be on a first come first served basis.
This is an opportunity to discover your talents and another platform to display skills acquired in Toastmasters.

The contest chairman
The contest chairman is DTM K.Loghandran
(District 51 International Speech Champion-2008)

What’s a tall tale?
A tall take is a fictional story with exaggerated details. We all crave a good "yarn" every once in a while, The best and the funniest liars will be there .There know that you will be able to suspend your disbelief and allow the speakers to entertain you with their creative skills of yarn spinning.

Prizes shall be award for 1ST 2nd and 3rd positions.Certificate of participation will be given to all participants

The Toastmasters contest 2008 rules for tall tales contest shall apply

What do you need to participate?

- must be a member of good standing
- pay a fee of RM10
- it would be great if you could bring your members/friends/guests to support you with a small fee of RM10 per person for refreshments

Please call Siew Chien 012-311 3026 for further details.

Extract of the rules

The Tall Tale contest is very similar to a normal meeting except that
all speakers that day will be regaling us with a 3 to 5 minute long tall tale of their own making.

* Contestants must prepare their own three- to five minute speech, which must be substantially original and certified as such to the chief judge by the contestants prior to the presentation of the speeches. Any quoted material must be so identified during the speech presentation.

* The speech must be of a highly exaggerated, improbable nature and have a theme or plot. Humour and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Club AGM 2008-2009

Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club
EXCO 2008-2009

President: Chow Mun Yuen, CTM CL
VP Education: Ismail Fahmy, CTM
VP Membership: Tan Mee Yee, TM
VP P Relations: Lawrence Hoo, TM
Secretary: Loretta Chin, CC
Treasurer: Darick Wong, TM
SAA: Lim Hin Chong, ATMS CL
Committee Mbrs: Mok Soo Pon, ATMB CL and Yap Mei Han, CTM
IPP: Robert Hue, CTM CL
Webmaster: Leong Kwan Chong, CTM CL

The Parliamentarian - K. Loghandran, DTM

In-coming Club EXCO
Chow Mun Yuen - The in-coming Club President.
L-R: Darick Wong, Tan Mee yee, Chow Mun Yuen, Ismail Fahmy
L-R: Ismail Fahmy, Lawrance Hoo, Lim Hin Chong, Mok Soo Pon

Ong Siew Chien, DTM is recording the proceedings

Best Table Topic Speaker of the evening - Lawrance Hoo.
He is too excited and hug the out-going Club President, Robert Hue.

Posted by KC Leong

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Will Survive

Written by Lawrence, the Stage Manager of the comedy drama

I haven't been to Actors Studio since more than a year ago. Even that was my only second theater show visit. I remember that show was something about an Ah Beng from Singapore, who claimed to have a small role in Miss Saigon, the West End classic musical, going broadway.

So, knowing my topophobia(stage fright), it would be prudent if I get myself accosted by the environment of the 'dark room' in Actors Studio before my show I Will Survive begins the week later. Moreover, the fact that I have just started my new elevated position (ahem) in a company which located in Damansara Heights, a stone throw away from Bangsar Shopping Centre. "Hey" I told myself "I could make this my regular entertainment joint from now on". And so it goes, I went and watched Kam.... In Your Face, a Joanne Kam's production, a comedienne with a huge following since her Boom Boom days more than 10 years ago. Upon making my way into the theater, I overheard audiences were mostly claim to know her like they were Kamching Kamching, talking over the phone or talking to each other by calling Miss Kam by her first name "I'm watching Joanne's show, yalah, she's my girl" etc.

Packed to the full, only occasional empty corner seats Joanne wow me with her flair at stand-up comedy. Had us in stitches. The latter sketches are left wanting though, but we did not complain too much, for after the long work stress, this is a welcome release of adrenaline laugh rush. I left the show with a new sense of attachment with the theater and paradoxical mix of fear of the impending comparison a week later.

Back-track about three months before, the director Log, being a humble guy as he is, said this production is a collective idea, where everybody sat down together one dinner in KGPA for the first time accompanied by nasi goreng and bihun goreng, courtesy of the producer, Sew Chen brainstorming an idea for a production which we hope could add funds into our diminishing association coffers.

Everything went very gradual and full of cheers, occasionally flip flopped with gossips of the banking industry and also of national politics,(we were in the midst of the tsunami-cal general election at that time), the idea keeps trickling in like what would generally happened if you put seasoned corporate employees together.

After two nights of such, the rough idea is germinated. It will have to be about the women-empowering dynamics. One hit wonder from Gloria Gaynor was brought up by one of the crew, and it stuck. The course of the movie is determined, the crux of the matter is carved, the road is paved, and DTM Loghan is on course for the next step; script writing. I Will Survive is born.

The script writing comes in fast and quick. After only the 3rd or 4th meeting(I can't quite recall, but hey it's still quick by my standard:)) DTM Loghan has more than half of the final script on most of our hands. It's gonna be a banking politico-rags-to-riches conundrum, capitalizing on the heat of the banking and national gossips. Only that the banking grapevine is limited to the privileged bankers of few whereas the national reached out to the most excesses of the information technology world.

Then, the rehearsal began, location were either at Sally's (the main actress) office or at DTM Celine's Training Centre. It was with much cheer and laughter DTM Loghan left us ample room to improvise the lines, to make the script funnier than it was to begin with.

I for a non-banker took a couple of sessions to understand much of the story, I was initially lost, but thank goodness I had a small part to play, not to mention to play a simpleton, and in the words of a famous actors I forgot who, "in order to inhabit your character, u have to be or at least try to be that person", I decidedly left most of the work to the rest. The world was easy, the world was insipidly quiet to my dejectedly egoistic mind. I was essentially IN my character to not question too much of the script.

Skip several weeks later to the eve the premier night. We had a trial run and tech run on that night. The ambient of that night was obviously quiet with impending stage-fright and awkward pauses due to the possibility of real-stage-amnesia. But we trudged on, like a forcados taking the bull by the horn in the spanish bullfighting game, we push it through even though it was the worst decision we thought we ever made in our life, well at least what we thought at that very second.

Friday 6.00pm, the next day, day of the premier, I arrived at The Actors' Studio with fibrillation in my heart. I thought I could retch like a pregnant lady, but Sally the main cast was apparently encountering something worse. She had diarrhea. It was only just a few minutes before her part begins, that she did the right decision, to purge out the whatever toxin aka fear that is surrounding her. After that she was in a row, mastering her character like glove on palm!

The show started with Kalyani getting much laughter among the audience. We were impressed, I was peaking like a peacock under the black drape, checking out the audience responses throughout the night. Only later I realize I was noticed by my friends and that it was distracting especially with my white office-boy-looking shirt, people could be wondering why this boy kept distracting their concentration with my amateurish backstage voyeur. The next two shows I left the drape as dark as it could be.

Then, as Kalyani walks out of the stage, the devil enters the show, while the stage light turns blood red, eliciting intrigue among the crowd; it's a twist which is apparent. But never would they realize that the twist will be twisted at the end of the show.

Next Mei Han and Simon, talks like real mama-san and uncle-with-horny-agenda moments, respectively. People laughs at Mee Han lines. Surely one of the best lines of the show. Simon was in his moments as well. Then Sally with his Hot-pants and fish-net socks under it came out with a cigarette by her fingers. Laughter ensured. Her 80's hooker-gone-hot style with her confidence makes her recognizable, and believable. Audience empathize with her, by her ambitions, her determination and her opportunistic-al killer instinct even before the part where she reveals all to the psychiatrist later of the show. It ended predictably funny, audience laughed and gave their approval applause just before the entrance of the devil.

Then Gwen, Ismail and DTM Loghan went in for a conversation about human resources. The path is opened and that the banking-politics-gone-stage-show has begun.

Mun Yuen aka Jay Chow entered with Simon with his recognizable glare of a vice president desperately needed of a promotion had the best moment for the show. The audience was left in stitches as Mun Yuen spilled out her cards of gossip-fire for Simon to feast on. Back stage after watching her so many times before, I still laugh at those lines coming out from Mun Yuen, with her gifted timing.

Then Teck Lee, another victim of office politics, well taken care of by Simon's diabolical scheme, unaware by the Union leader. As Teck Lee walks out of the stage, Simon alone on stage sang the Union anthem " We Shall Not Be Moved", with sufficient dose of sarcastic-caustic tinge.

Loretta who came out before with a small snippet of Reach by Gloria Estefan during Simon-and-Sally-in-her-hotpants part, went into her seat as the treasury Senior Vice President, to be flame-thrown as well by Simon. Simon's work has really gone off to a great start and he was on a row, when Kalyani came later also submit into defensive mode, trying desperately to "save her ass".

Then Sally, having gone through the thick and thin of rank and file to reach the Senior Vice President position, has a brief de javu sparing with her former lover, Lawrence, the office boy. It was at that moment that she decidedly rejected and drew the line from Lawrence for she had not seen him as her ally but her highly risky and losing burden.

The show shift to the psychiatrist chair, Sally obviously disturbed by the onslaught of impending office war, was confining her deepest and darkest secret to the psychiatrist, Mr Kunjiraman(the j is silent) who is Log's second of three character. Predictably, DTM Loghan's line drew so much laughter that being the longest part of the show, audience did not find it boring at all.

The show reached the climatic chorus when, the devil,Elizabeth had her field day insulting the lady Senior Vice Presidents, Sally, Loretta and Kalyani, while they were chilling out at a bar, scheming like the way ladies do to bring down the scrooge, Simon. Like Loretta who said "hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn" it teaches us well to not mess with ladies in the banking world. At the end of the part, a scheme was planted, Simon will receive his karma and Dr Chua's Youtube will be a "pale comparison" of his successor.

Then Simon was sent to Zimbabwe, Sally got the post. Everybody congratulated her, including the about-to-be-sacked office boy Lawrence, looking more rags than "tin kosong" cute-ish.

Alas, every good things must have an end. The final show on Sunday ended at 4.25pm, everybody looked so dejectedly relieved, like a heavy sack of potatoes was taken away from their frail and exhausted body.

Average audience ratio from the three shows were about 55%, a far cry from the jam-packed night I saw during my night with Kam... In Your Face. But, in a show which did not spend too much on marketing and certainly did not get much paper publicity like Kam did, (that Kam show was featured 2-full pages in The Star, Joanne Kam was interviewed by The Edge, plus they printed a plush souvenir book with each stars own a page, not to mention the line-up of seasoned stage acts with pre-existing huge followings) we certainly did very well for a bunch of amateurs.

By the way from my survey, everybody said they just can't wait for the next show. I know I can't. :)

Written by Lawrence

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Will Survive... the journey continues

Date : 18/05/08

Good morning fellow toastmasters,

It is me again … As a Toastmaster, I am a good listener and scout for feedback from the audience and this is what they say......

Lovelorn Lawrence, your spoken words, your voice as the desperado, begging Sally, the devilish CEO to take you back tear the hearts of many ladies sitting in the centre row. These ladies from UTAR in their early 20's wish they could see more of your "tin kosong" cuuuuute face. Fantastic voice, keep it up, loud and clear!

"I feel I could fly"..........sensational Loretta, you sang beautifully last night to thunderous applause. You were like a chameleon, singing melodiously for a moment. Next, you came on as a damn fierce tigress, wishing that you could claw the Bastard, Simon Soar's eyes! My daughters say that you are as fierce as their discipline teacher in school! Great expression!

Hee.. aqua audience thought that you will strip naked, Simon Soar and show him your 6 packs. He was so disappointed. He asked me to send you his regards as he was concerned whether you injured your back lying face down on that cold, hard table! You see, the transvestites do it that way, he told me. I was speechless when he commented and quickly replied, "Excuse me, my bladder is full." and made a quick exit faster than Superman. Hah! Hah!

Oops, got to go now as there is one final show, this afternoon @ 3.00 pm. So members, those of you who have changed your mind and decided to pop over, please call me, Soo Pon @ 013-391-2029 / 03-80704933 (H) / 019-3158082.


Soo Pon

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Will Survive

Date : 17/05/08

Happy afternoon fellow toastmasters,

Wow! Ooh! Yeah! Congratulations to the cast of "I Will Survive", you really made Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club proud last night.

The male audience love you Mei Han, the Mama San in black with your dance moves and flaring skirt swinging. Oh my gosh, that guy was drooling with sliver when he spoke about you. Hah!Hah!

My dear janitor, Jay Chow Mun Yuen. My toastmasters friends could not help laughing whenever they see you on stage. You actually transformed into an auntie, "Ah Soh" last night. From the note pad, they assumed that Jay Chow's role is a singer but end up seeing a janitor. Great job!

Well, Teck Lee and I had planted an army of Toastmasters from various clubs in the Klang Valley last night to laugh and laugh and laugh. Teck Lee and I are bringing in a battalion tonight i.e. our beloved daughters, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nephews, nieces, their girlfriends, their boyfriends and their friends from the UTAR to support all of you.

I strongly believe that the cast is also bringing in your army too. Members who are not acting and wish to bring in your battalion to support Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club, please dial @ 03-80704933 (H) / 013-3912029 / 019-3158082 for yours truly, Soo Pon for the tickets. Grab it fast for there are only two more shows at Actors Studio, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre on -

Tonight, Saturday 17/05/08 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm
Tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 18/05/08 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

My dearest cast, guys and gals, you can do it again! Remember, if your role is to be angry, then imagine that you are in an angry situation and express it through your voice, your eyes, your hands, your body movements. The audience wants to see your body speaks and feel as you feel. Then your message will be received by the audience as the words are spoken loud and clear to the far end of the theatre.


Soo Pon

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Will Survive

Directed by: Loggie @ Loghandran

Produced by: Sew Chen

Loggie, Sly, Mei Han, Ryan, Simon, Lisa, Lawrence, Kelly, Loretta, Jay Chow, Gigi, Tack Lee.

16 - 18 May, 2008

16-17 May - 8:30 p.m.
18 May - 3:00 p.m.

The Actors Studio Bangsar Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Box Office:
03-2094 0400 or 03-2094 1400

A Play By:
The Cast of Spot-on Theatre, Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tough Love

Written by DTM K Loghandran

Winning the District 51 International speech contest 2008 at Penang was sweet. My last victory was winning the District 51 International speech contest 1998 in Kuching.

After winning the 1998 contest, I was asked to give many workshops on how to be a winner. That stumped me. I didn’t know which part of my speech was the one that convinced the judges.

I have to ask for feedback from those that attended to determine why I had won. One common feedback was that I have stage presence throughout and my story was positive in the end. When I did not make it at the Regional level, I knew there was a lot to learn. I got valuable tips from 1993 world champion, Otis William. He has rehearsed 18 times just on the morning of the speech in the empty hall. Otis is an army sergeant who is used to tough discipline.
DTM K. Loghandran - The Champion of District 51 International Speech Contest and members of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club

I learned the punching of the hand technique from him. In 1998 The World Champion was an Australian who can mimic over 100 persons. He was also an actor. Taking the cue from these champions I involved myself in acting and stand up comedy with my buddy Fong Muntoh. After writing and acting in over 15 plays, I felt that I was ready to give it a shot.

Many had asked why I took part after a 10-year gap. My answer: I have come closer to the answer to winning a speech contest. It was not easy but hard work. I made sure that I covered all the points in the contest criteria form.

The other factors that had helped me are as follows

a) Stage time
I was given in my club despite finishing my DTM. There was always a slot called ‘Do your thing ‘ in our club. I volunteered every time to fill the slot. I tested my story telling skills here.

I also got more stage time by joining the Speakers' Dream sister club (Kelab Spot-On Theatre ) to improve performing arts skills. The public that comes for our plays are more critical than Toastmasters.

b) My approach
My approach to the contest was to treat it as an International Communications contest rather than a Speech Contest. So, the mental orientation that I used was to communicate to the audience. I very strongly belief that an audience can make out whether you are communicating with them or speaking at them. Thus I used many techniques to engage with the audience. Once audience I began to tell my story.

My approach was also to use a positive emotion( I have it in my knowledge that judges are quite fed-up listening to self pity stories.)

c) Writing original works with elements of comedy for 10 years for theatre.This has put in a frame of mind to develop my own stories or stories related to me .

d) I am a voracious reader on every subject. Especially topics that are related to the human element. Nobel prize winners in literature win because of their writings on the human element.

e) I have a good memory of personal stories. I have a knack of remembering trivial matters that even my own friends are amazed. This has immensely improved my story telling skills.

f) My materials also come from my surroundings. So I am in constant alert to pick up great conversations. Even the title of my winning speech ‘Tough Love’ was picked from the WWF wrestling match.

g) I am involved as an actor and director of Comedy plays. The plays I write are designed to engage people.So I mentally see my audience responding to my words before the speech.

I am also a stand up comedian who performs at corporate functions. By the way, the runner-up for the 2008 finals is a stand up comedian.

h) I am very particular with pronunciation of words. I notice that many toastmasters dont want to learn this aspect of speaking and get knockout at the area level.

i) The good feedback and support I get from Speakers Dream Toastmasters club. It was never an individual effort. The Speakers Dream Toastmasters club members took it upon themselves to be evaluators at the other run-off contests and provide feedback to change tactics. They are very professional in this. They act as my personal coach.

j) I enjoy the thrill of competition.

k) I have lost many times before . Therefore I know what mistakes not to make.

l) Tactical changes made in the speech when competing at different levels.When you are at the contestants briefing, you are able to roughly judge the level of contestants. One is able to decide on which part of the speech to deliver for the run off and which to save for the finals.

m) More time to concentrate. Many toastmasters have day jobs that zapp their minds until they postpone preparing till the last moment.I now have the luxury of preparing everyday for three months before a speech.

n) Style of speaking. The grand oratorical style of the past is no longer valid (I refer to the speaking style of Sir Winston Churchill). Presently, audiences are more used to short quick changes like the kind employed by MTV.

o) Designing the speech so that it will empower me rather than make me anxious.It is good to start the speech light hearted and slow and later give it speed.

I consider the District Contest for 2008 of high standard. The contestants had put up a good fight. For those aspiring to take part next year, I encourage you to start now. Try and recall your personal stories that impacted your life. Prepare a fourteen minute speech and move around the points to make the seven minutes.

As regards my next Regional contest in Calgary, I will not offer any excuse. As Yoda said in Star Wars ’There is no such thing as trying’. I have to see the tapes of the past winners and listen to their speeches.The entire style and content of my district winning speech will have to be changed.

The audience and judges have a higher level of expectations. I will treasure any feedback to improve. Remember nobody can do it alone. All of you in District 51 are my coaches.

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