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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Club Meeting on 26 July 2010

It was indeed a night to relax, have a good belly laugh and more importantly to be with friends that share a common interest - which is to talk to crowds! Public speaking is not so terrifying if you know the how, and with the who to guide you, you are on your journey to removing your butterflies! (literally?)

The meeting kicked off by our ASA ATMS, ALS Lim Hin Chong leading the national anthem and followed by introduction of all members (something like warming up before you start your exercise). Thereafter, our President Lawrence, ACB shared with us some very significant dates that include the following:

(1) 9th August – Our club level’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech contest

(2) 14th August – Area W Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech contest

(3) 25th September shall be the installation of our club’s officers for the term 2010/2011

(4) 11th October shall be our Tall Tale contest

(5) November and December (the actual dates are to be determined), we shall be having Speech Craft and a workshop by none other than our DTM K Loghandran

We had our humour master / do your thing session after a hiatus for a couple of meetings by our very own DTM K. Loghandran. He tickled us pink with his version of acronyms when introducing the journey of achieving Distinguished Toastmasters journey. Prior to Competent Communication, it was formally known as Competent Toastmaster or “Cannot Talk Much”. It is amazing to know that we cannot talk much after completing all the 10 project speeches, reckon that may be the core reason to changed them from CTM to CC. So what is the meaning of CC? (still scratching my head to think of something funny but cannot be funny seriously!)

We were showered with creative ideas from none other than our meteorologist daughter who is also a very new member, Michelle. After completing her ice breaker speech at the last meeting, she took the bull by the horns when she signed up to become the Table Topics Master. Her ingenious titles on the theme “weather” were so creative that it keeps us thinking hard.

When Mun Yuen spoke on “Snowflakes are kisses from heaven”, she recounted her nearest vision was during her Japan trip which was more of ice than that of snow and it was very dirty too. Reckon being in a HOT HOT HOT country, like me, we get kisses of sun ray and never any of snow flakes here!

Bob was given “Below the starry night” where he tried to rekindle his love with his significant half and seemed very starry eyed himself. I got so imbued into his starry story that I have forgotten his tale, so much for being in the starry, starry mood too! When Darcy Steinhardt was given the title “Raining cats and dogs” he captivated us with his definition of the term and continued to tickle us with his jokes. He is indeed a natural entertainer and our club’s champion table topic speaker. So need I say further that he clinched the award of the best table topic speaker? Duh! Bravo Darcy, and we need you to teach us so that Speakers’ Dream can continue to ‘produce’ champion table topics speakers like you.

Wong shared that his weather was never down considering having retired for 10 years now when he was bombarded with the title “My weather is a bit down”. This lucky man does not need to be in the rat race anymore or to rush to the office to punch card or sign in as he has been calling his shots where finances are concern. Ratnam had a twist on his story about “on a full moon night”. He shared with us on how he managed to force his wife to accept his proposal. Reckon his trick shall not work with 21st century ladies who are now more mobile and shall gladly ask him to hand over his car keys (wink). Hin Chong shared his banking experience as an experienced banker but did not state anything about the “rain check”. I was fascinated with your expertise, yet confused with your delivery at the same time, however, it was a very good technical speech there sir!

When our Toastmasters of the Evening IPP Ismail CTM continued to introduce the core of the meeting which is the project speeches we continued to have ice breaker speeches. This was delivered by yet another student Choong who shared his experience on public speaking before telling us that he is very determined to perfect his skills by joining none other than Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters club. As a first time speaker, he could deliver his jokes with a straight face! Choong, you should sign up to compete in the Humorous Speech contest since there is no requirement to complete 6 speeches prior to the competition.

When Weng Cheong shared his “Sweet Smell of Success” on his CFP journey he was so animated that I was wondering if he could be more suited to becoming an actor rather than that of a financial planner. Well, that was my observation and opinion sir so all the best on your results. We know with your commitment and hard work you can definitely get your certification.
If you are familiar with the term “leaving the best for last”, it always applies in our club. The last speech was delivered by none other than our President ACB Lawrence entitled “How to be humorous, seriously!”. He is an eloquent speaker, actor cum entertainer. His acronym of successful humorous speaking was GAS. As I was so engrossed in laughing that I could only recall GOOGLE and reckon for the rest, your guess shall be as good as mine haha……..He was nominated the best project speaker that evening. Bravo President and we look forward to hearing more of your speeches.

As for best evaluators, Darcy Steinhardt walked away with the award as a very natural evaluator. He walked away with two awards that night, and if this continues we may be noted of having some conspiracy in our club. But I can guarantee you that he is REALLY good. So if you want to know more then drop by at our club, cause we never fail to entertain. We had such great relaxing moments and we have successfully arrested the issue of fear for public speaking. So if you have not been visiting us, you have just missed the recent “flight” but fear no more, cause for YOU we have fortnightly flights on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Check us out cause we will continue to wow and tickle you pink. Where else can you find a place that allows you to exercise your lungs!

Our next “flight” shall be on 9th August 2010 (Monday) where we will entertain you with our club’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech Contest. We have lined up great entertaining speakers and do grab your seats to avoid disappointment.
Back to you

K Loghandran shares about the journey as a Toastmaster member...towards DTM.

Hope people get some valuable pointers from GAS.

Induction of Elwinder Singh.

Induction of Choong Wai Kiat, our newly Ice-breaker. Eldest son, with an admirable drive to succeed at such a young age.

Induction of Asyfar Rahman.

Induction of Ng Lay Choo.

Light session with the Area Governor, CC Kang

This photo is doubled for 2 wins for Darcy. He won both Table Topic Speaker and Evaluation Speaker. He can't lose!!!

President and VPE with the Extol TMC Guests, Ratnam, Kwa (President), Bob and PY Wong. Huge honor to have them attending our club.
Written by Ng Lay Choo, VPPR.
Posted by KC, Webmaster.

Club Meeting on 12 July 2010

Our young and good looking President Lawrence made his inaugural presidential speech by giving due recognitions to the past presidents and founder. His magnanimous gratitude touched my heart, more so when he spoke with such genuineness. He continued to recognise the new team with a very colourful and humorous introduction that was crafted nicely for each and every EXCO member. I trust the club shall continue to have a very interesting and colourful term under his leadership and we shall be glad to serve such an effervescent leader.

The TME of the evening was none other than ATMS, ALS Lim Hin Chong who is such a polished speaker that I was completely captivated even when he sometimes reminiscences about the FIFA world cup you can see the sparkle in his eyes for his love for football. He is a polished diamond with all the Cs (every ladies best friend too!).

Our Immediate Past President, CTM Ismail managed to introduce an interesting table topic by allowing the speakers to reminiscence about their past (something I shall avoid completely as I do forget to comb my hair at times – or should I be honest and declare all the time haha…..).

6 very brave speakers shared their views of the past and although Teck Lee managed to tickle me pink, it was our General Evaluator (the very handsome) Vijayendran Vijayaratnam fondly known as Viji aka ‘Sam’ in the latest play The Condo Cocoon that managed to clinch the best speaker with his pristine Christine. If there was an award for the most frequent usage of the word of the day, he shall be the KING of Pristine! (even the grammarian Vincent lost count, maybe should have loaned you my fingers and toes Vince!). It was then I got to know that he champs the tall tale contest (hmmm interesting and colourful gentleman).

Although our eloquent speaker Hin Chong continued to mesmerise us with his control of the meeting, he fumbled when he had to introduce all four very beautiful, young and eloquent speakers (power of beauty eh! Well guys you get completely intoxicated by beauties don’t you?)

It is amazing to witness all four almost polished diamonds delivering their prepared speeches. Tonight we had a good mix of 3 speeches from the Competent Communication manual and 1 from the Advanced Communication – Specialty Speeches manual.

Michelle our new ‘baby’ member (as she is very young, well compared to this dinosaur sigh!) shared about herself in her Ice Breaker speech. We got to know that Michelle was an ABC (not ais batu campur but American Born Chinese). Though she claims not to be fluent in English you should not be deceived by that, cause well, she did not murder the Englishman (where most Malaysians do when we speak Manglish) but merely bruised them a bit J

Pearly delivered her very well researched speech by throwing us a very hard question “What would you do if your mother was sick?” It awakened us when her analogy was that of Mother Nature. It was indeed captivating and very informative. We learnt that nursing Mother Nature is as easy as ABC too. Wow, yet another ABC? In this case we should consciously reduce our usage of Air conditioning, Bags and emission of Carbon dioxide. Of course, to do that she gave us a rundown of some chemistry lessons which I trust she uses the model called “If you cannot convince us, please confuse us”. We were gladly confused by your bombardment of gases (hmm no flatulence here).

When Jebbie introduced the patterns of sleeping that tells your personality it was interesting to observe the Steinhardts nodding vigorously, smiling widely before Darcy pointed that Chrissy is a soldier. Well Chrissy you can run but you cannot hide cause we are reading you like a book now!

Finally, we leave the best for last as, Loretta aka Angela in the play and our lead actor presented her winning speech on having our hairy audacious dreams. So dream everyday people and if you get fired by your boss just reply that only leaders are dreamers! So remember to quote Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Bill Gates etc.

The Steinhardts are naturally great evaluators, as they are very generous with their commendations which is a great booster and succinct in their recommendations. It is a lesson I feel we Asians are lacking. As an avid ‘clubber’ I hear more recommendations than commendations and there was one time where the evaluator was excited to find a speaker’s weakness - sigh! I was once evaluated that I look very fierce, so any donation for a plastic surgery into Joker?

So if you want to have fun, find Speakers Dream as we continue to produce a myriad of entertainers and not to forget polished diamonds too. Learning from the best always comes from the best club. See you all on 26th July 2010.

Back to you

Table Topic Winner: Vijay. Talked about his most memorable moment in the year "2008". No Marylin Monroe but ladies galore all the same :), Fantasy notwithstanding

Michele "ABC" Chang who just completed her Ice Breaker. Thoroughly enjoyable and we love her more after hearing from her.

Assignment Speaker winner: Loretta. She made me feel young again. Wait... I am young..

Evaluator Winner: Darcy. He made evaluations of Pearly Chong effervescently entertaining while at the same time educational.
Written by Ng Lay Choo, VPPR
Posted by KC, Webmaster.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spot-On Theatre Production

Funny Money (2006)

The very hilarious first show by Spot-On Theatre Production, produced by Siew Chien and starred the famous Monty and Loggie. Funny Money brings people to the insider stories of banks, whether legal or illegal, with hilarious touch of the re known lines of Monty and Loggie. It also features some famous politicians ...

Please click here to view the short video created by Lawrence Hoo. Turn on the speaker volumn.

I Will Survive (2008)

This is the third production by Spot-On Theatre. Shown in the old The Actors Studio location at Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Please click here to view the video created by Lawrence Hoo. Turn on the speaker volumn.

Posted by KC

Club Meeting 28 June 2010

Make your Life a Mission – Not an Intermission

‘The Condo Cocoon’ drama at the Spot-On Theatre was marvelous, with our Toastmasters displaying their natural talent for acting on stage! The audience was entertained, laughing, and gave encouraging feedback to our actors. Our dear Toastmasters looked stunning on stage, and all of them applied skills from what they have learned in the club. Of course, we would also like to thank our charming producer, DTM Siew Chien, stage manager CC Ismail Fahmy, graphic designer Jack How, PJ Live Arts for technical assistance, and not forgetting everyone who came to watch our performance!
Now moving on to report on our latest meeting:

It was another prodigious Monday night on 28 June 2010 as we welcome our wonderful guests into our meeting. We celebrate the return of our enthusiastic guests, Wei Li and Mr. Lee, as well as Helsadiq from Sudan! AMAZING! We thank Helsadiq again for taking his time to see our speakers in action! It is also the day when we had Michele, a student from Tunku Abdul Rahman College who have just registered in as our newest member, as well as Elwinder who did his CC No. 1 Speech!

We are happy that our club is growing bigger and bigger with new, young members!

Our TME, Chow Mun Yuen, still ecstatic from her previous acting performance, gave an introductory speech on how joining Toastmasters would not just improve your public speaking skills, but also transforms you into a better, aspired individual. Toastmasters open up new opportunities for members to not just speaking, but also acting, directing and script-writing too.

Table Topics Master ACB Ng Lay Choo was gleefully delighted to present her ‘Table Topics Goodies’ to our TT Speakers. Our first speaker, Chrissy Steinheardt was pleasantly surprised when she picked out a cereal box from Lay Choo’s bag of goodies. To our amazement, Chrissy threw the cereal box on the ground and made a strong objection that cereals are not good for health. Chrissy shared that when she was young, she was living off a nightmarish cereal diet, and when she did a hair medical check-up, she found out she was deficient in 19 minerals! She lamented that cereal is merely junk food and vowed not to consume cereal ever again. (At the end of the speech, Lay Choo comically shoved the cereal box into Chrissy’s hands when Chrissy tried to run away!)

Our second TT speaker, Wei Li picked out a cute fruit toothpick and was assigned a task to advertise it. Our third speaker, Helsadiq from Sudan got himself a funky Chinese herbal packet, and was asked to introduce the nutrition in the drug. We were amused to hear how a Sudanese would comment on Chinese herbs in his own point of view!

Our fourth speaker, Mr. Lee picked out a chamomile tea packet and was asked to speak on merits of drinking tea. An extraordinary tea connoisseur as he is, he explained on how tea would be a much healthier, tastier option than coffee. We were astounded by his wide vocabulary of words he used to describe tea and coffee itself! For a moment there, I thought he was really marketing tea.

Fifth speaker, Lawrence Hoo got himself an ang-pau packet and was then asked whether if he agrees that it is meritous to give ang-pau to singles. Lawrence gave a really funny statement that an ang-pau means a declaration of loneliness! He further added that it is a conundrum to give away ang-paus to declare that you’re married because it is difficult for married people who have lots of financial commitments.

With the end of Table Topics, we were proud to announce the Best Table Topic Speaker to tea connoisseur extraordinaire, Mr. Lee! (Unfortunately, he left earlier so I didn’t get to take a picture of him. Oops).

Alright, now it’s time to get the ball rolling with our CC speeches!

TM Vincent Chow presented a CC No. 4 speech on ‘The Art of Falling Down’. He spoke up on proactivity and reactivity (living life positively or negatively) and gave suggestions on how to deal with challenges that hit us hard in the face, and control how we respond.

ACG Simon Soh did his last CC No. 10 speech on ‘Change’ as his farewell speech before ‘retiring’ on 1st July 2010. Simon encouraged us members to move along with changes happening in our life, and get prepared to go into the unknown. Moreover, he appealed that to be a good speaker; he or she doesn’t need to be fluent in speaking a language, it’s how changed a person becomes to make his speech sincere and meaningful. No one would trust a speaker who doesn’t speak out from his own heart. Simon ended his speech by saying that Speakers’ Dream is a wonderful club, and we all have dreams to fulfill. Simon shall remember every one of us as his best friends, and he shall leave the club with a lot of pride.

We thank you, Simon for being our best friend and mentor too. You have done so much to Speakers’ Dream, and we do wish you could come back as a guest for our future meetings.

Up next, it’s our newest member TM Elwinder Singh to present his CC No.1 Speech on ‘The Defining Moments of My Life’. He gave a Swiss-Cheese version of his speech by starting off with his memories as an 11 year old boy learning Bahasa Malaysia from his neighbor. He remembered his neighbor told him that if he wants to succeed, he has to work hard. He took that advice to heart and as a result, he excelled in his Bahasa Malaysia exam, and would soon achieved his SPM years later with flying colors! He also learned to be tough when he joined a rugby team full with muscled boys. In the end, he joined Speakers’ Dream so that he can become a better speaker and also improve his confidence too.

With Simon’s emotional speech, he won himself the Best Speaker Award for the night! Congratulations, Simon! You deserved it.

Next, the Best Evaluator Award goes to ACS, CL Alfred Koh for evaluating Simon Soh!

That is the end of our report on the night’s meeting. We thank our roleplayers, speakers and evaluators for making this meeting wonderful for us, our guests and Simon.
Cheers. Rawr!
Written by: TM Vincent Chow
Posted by: KC Leong

Farewell to Simple Simon

On 1 July 2010, ACG Simple/ Funny/ Amazing Simon Soh left Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club. Simon’s bubbly, yet wise personality has surely made his presence felt in every TM meeting, not just as an amazing speaker but also a dearest friend in our hearts.
For every fortnight, we would be clutching our seats, eyes fixated on the agenda paper, curiously wondering what Simon will say in his next speech. We would be awed and amazed by Simon’s impactful speeches, spiced with heartfelt wisdom, warm sincerity and a pinch of humor.

Here is just a small list of his major achievements as a Toastmaster:

1) Achieved Toastmasters Educational Distinction (ACG) distinction. However, he still repeated the Communication and Leadership Manuals to help the club achieve DCPs.

2) Won Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster of the Year Award on year 2009.

3) Actively competed in club contests.

4) Represented club in area contests, one of which he became a 1st runner-up, and then champion in Area W6 International Speech and Table Topics contests respectively.

5) Brought in enthusiastic people to become new members of the club.

6) Filled in for absent officers.

7) Took up roles when not dong speeches.

8) Occasionally won Best Speaker and Best Evaluator awards.

9) Served as an encouraging mentor to other speakers.

10) Visited other clubs to do speeches.

11) Volunteered to take on special assignments which enhanced the quality of the club and offered to do CL to help club in achieving DCPs.

12) Whether in officer position or not, he was a keen Toastmaster.

13) Conducted various workshops.

14) When he personally developed himself, the club also benefited from his wealth of thoughts and experiences.

List of Simon’s achievements compiled by Chow Mun Yuen. Many thanks!

He will certainly be missed in every meeting in the future, and we do hope Simon shall come to SDTMC as a guest.

Whenever I see an empty seat in the hall, I’d be reminded of Simon. He had left a legacy, an imprint of himself in the club, and it is up to us, the new blood of SDTMC to continue living his legacy, and make him proud.
We shall strive not to be better speakers, but to be a better self. That we shall promise

Simon Soh proudly showing his coveted Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster of the Year 2009 Award

Simon together with Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters.

Simon just can’t wait to use his camera to capture our Toastmasters’ gleeful faces!

Simon won the Humorous Speech Contest in 2008.

Happy day at SDTMC!
Ps: Photos sourced from Simon Soh’s Facebook.

Written by: Vincent Chow
Posted by: KC Leong

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Triumphant Night

Despite the chilly air-conditioned room where we had our Toastmasters’ meeting on Monday, 14 June 2010, it certainly felt warm with excitement! For this day, we were honored to have Ng Lay Choo (ACB,CL) grace our meeting as our General Evaluator, as well with Nini from Advanced KL Toastmasters’ Club along with 7 beautiful ladies as our guests. We were also happy when our charming Weng Cheong was back after his long break from Toastmasters’!

The meeting started off with an impact when K. Loghandran got the ball rolling by asking fellow Toastmasters’ and our guests to share among ourselves their victorious moment in their lifetime. In my eyes, I see each and every one of us have once achieved their feats of victory, but only because we were ferociously ambitious and determined to fulfill our ambitions to attain success.
Our humble President, Ismail Fahmy gave a motivational speech on overcoming the fear of speaking, and emphasized that with practice, we become better prepared. Moreover, he added that Toastmasters have helped so many of us not only get through with their nervousness on stage, it also allows us to communicate vividly and confidently with people, thus makes it easier for us to make new friends. Not just that, he said that the confidence to speak in public can transform us holistically and become positive, and these will help us to expand in our careers and open up new paths to opportunities along the way.

Koh Teck Lee, our wonderful TME got us even attached together when he asked us to shake hands with another person beside us and at the same time, we compliment each other. It’s amazing that such a simple gesture can change the way we view ourselves and the people around us, because we feel great by giving sincere compliments.

Of course, we were really excited when K. Loghan comes up on stage and ‘Did His Thing’. He encouraged us that when we, speakers wanted to make a point, it’s best to use stories that come close from our hearts to get the message across. He got us curious when he told us a story on the famous ‘Roti Bom’ in Ampang.

The story goes: “There is a Pakistani gentleman who always makes fresh Roti Bom in his small stall. He would coat it with sugar or with a nice knob of butter, pairing it up with a heart-warming plate of hot curry or tandoori chicken, and a large glass of orange juice the size of a 7-Eleven Big Gulp. However, his stall was torn down four times by the local authorities. He and his Indonesian friends did not give up and brought the matter up to the government. In the end, the government sets up numerous stalls alongside his, however the Pakistani’s stall becomes the biggest! More and more people come to his stall more often, and in one day, he can sell more than 40 chickens in one day!”

Photo Courtesy of ti3n’s blog

How did Loghan know the story? It was the person who sells the 40 chickens a day to the Pakistani who told it, and the legacy of the Pakistani lives on. Loghan made a point that even if the story comes from somewhere else, we can sincerely convince our audience that the story is our own by making it believable. Make a story that is both laughable and that connects!

New Toastmaster, Vincent Chow as our Table Topics Master presented topics on ‘The Best Job in the World’. Our Table Topic Speakers were really marvelous today! Weng Cheong came up first and did his take on ‘CEO’. Our first guest, Audrey aroused us with her take on ‘Sea Diver’ by showing how beautiful it is to dive and see the beautiful underwater sights. Comedian Mun Yuen, as always, made the audience laughed when she got ‘Food Critic’. Our young second guest, Michele tried ‘Travelling Host’ by exclaiming what job could be better than a host of your own travel show, while the next guest, Wei Li did her take on ‘Singer’ by expressing how singing can contribute to society.

Ultimately, Nini was amazing when she did her take on what seems an impossible topic on ‘Gigolo!’ (Courtesy of Vijay for putting in that as a Table Topic). With that, Nini was awarded the Best Table Topics Speaker. Congratulations, Nini!

Here comes the moment we’re all been waiting for: Speeches!

TM Jeremy Phang presented his CC No. 2 speech on his ‘Accidental Career’. He put us on his journey when as a child, his ambition was to become a chauffeur because it looks cool when he wear his black uniform and gets to drive people around. Then he had an inspiration to become a pilot because he could fly people around, and make himself even cooler. However, as time passed by, he found his hidden passion from writing, and with constant ‘encouragement’ from his parents and friends, he became a lawyer. He ended up loving his profession as a lawyer even more than becoming either a pilot or a chauffeur. Jeremy concluded his speech by saying that ‘Everything has a purpose’.

TM Mark Lee delivered his CC No. 5 speech on the ‘Rat Race’ – how to gain financial retreat in times of rushing deadlines. He showed moments when he jogged on stage while speaking at the same time! (Even I could not do it.) He mentioned the concept of ‘Delay Gratification’ – If we want something now, we pay the price now and raised up that the same beliefs that got us into the rat race may even be able to get us out of it. The moral goes: If we plan properly and know our own values, we need not always be rushing like mad in the rat race.

ACG Simon Soh (aka Simple/ Funny/ Sentimental Simon) got us curious on his CC No. 7 speech on ‘Why People Fall In Love?” The reasons why people love, he said, is not because of emotions or fate; it is nature’s way to ensure survival of the human species. He commented that love is the result of concoctions and cocktails of sex hormones! (I think I caught dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, oxytocin, and vitopresin!) He ended by saying don’t blame ourselves if we love someone – it’s due to chemicals within yourself – that leads to selfless love.

With Simon’s lustful speech on love, he won himself Best Speaker Award! Congratulations, Simple Simon!

Nini also won herself her Best Evaluator Award as well! Congratulations to Nini again for your double awards!

Even Vijay, our Timekeeper couldn’t keep his excitement when he turned on all the lights the moment the winners were announced.

With that ends our Toastmasters’ meeting. A BIG THANK YOU to all our roleplayers, participants and our guests too! Your support, your presence and your contribution made it a WONDERFUL meeting.

To all our fellow guests and members, this Friday and Saturday shall be our very own ‘The Condo Cocoon’ drama starring Mun Yuen, Loretta, Simon Soh, Vijay, K. Loghandran, Larry Hoo and Lay Choo! (Who doesn’t want to see Lawrence in action, eh?)

Ps: Tune in next week for photos on the drama! Not forgetting, catch up with us for our report on next fortnight’s TM meeting at KGPA Golf Course off Bukit Kiara. With then, ciaoz!

Cheers! RAWRR!

Written by: Vincent Chow, TM

Posted by: KC Leong

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spot-On Theatre’s The Condo Cocoon

Spot-On Theatre’s “The Condo Cocoon”

Click here for an article that appears in New Straits Time on 11 June 2010

Where: PJ Live Arts Sdn Bhd, 2A-3 Block K, Jaya One, Section 1372A Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya

When: June 18-19, 8.30pm

Admission: RM50. Tel: 03-7960 0439 (11am to 6 pm )

The Play
It tells of Angela, a straight A student who is set up by her own ex-schoolmates to marry a playboy lawyer. The marriage ends in divorce. Years later, when Angela meets an ex-convict, Sam, and learns the truth, she plans her revenge. Cast includes Lolitha Chin (Angela), Vijay V. (Sam), Chow Mun Yuen (Tora, ex-classmate), Larry Hoo (Golan, condo spirit who knows everything) and Lay Choo (Cheh Cheh, Angela’s stepsister).
Posted by KC

Monday, May 31, 2010

Drama Comedy - The Condo Cocoon

Spot-On Theatre’s 4th production

The Condo Cocoon

Genre : Dark Comedy

Concept: When a woman takes revenge, there is no stopping

Theme: You have got to be street smart to survive

Date: 18 & 19 June 2010

Time: 8:30 p.m.

Venue: PJ Life Arts in Jaya One ... 2A-3, Block K, Jaya One, Section 13, 72A Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya.


Box Office:Phone: 603- 7960 0439

Admission Fee:
RM 50 per ticket (call Box Office for early birds & groups discounts; Other terms and conditions apply)

Produced by:
Sew Chen

Directed by:

Organized by:
Spot-on Theatre Petaling Jaya


This is a story of how Angela, a straight Ace student, is set up by her own ex-schoolmates to marry a playboy lawyer. The marriage ends in divorce. For three years she remained cocooned in her Condo trying to understand life. She tumbles upon Sam, an ex-convict, and learns about the truth. Angela plans her revenge in the quiet of her condo. While taking revenge, she sets herself up to rise to the higher levels of management. Each scene is supported by Golan the condo spirit. Her whole plan is revealed at the last scene.
The Casts

1. Angela the main character: Lolitha

2. Sam the ex-convict: Vijay J

3. Tora the exclassmate: Mun Yuen

4. Kelly the ex classmate: Kelly

5. Cheh Cheh the step sister of Angela: Lay Choo

6. CEO of Angel’s company: Simon Soar

7. Golan the condo spirit who knows everything: Larry Hoo

8. Security Guard of the condo: Logi

About Spot-On Theatre

Spot–On theatre is a unique theatre production group. The casts are all members of the Speaker’s Dream Toastmasters club. Every year a play is written.


Posted by KC,

Monday, March 01, 2010

Toastmasters Awareness Month

Word of Appreciation

From a guest writing to Chrissy Steinhardt, VP Membership of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club after attending one of the Club meetings during the Chinese New Year gathering cum Toastmasters meeting on 22/2/2010.

Dear Chrissy and Darcy,
It's my pleasure to be in a toastmasters meeting. I travelled almost 40km to be there but it's worth the visit. Your club has so many great speakers and I've definitely picked up a couple of communication skills from them. I've been to lots of meetings where the speakers are dull but it's totally different in your club. All the best to both of you wonderful couple. ROAR!!!!!!!(Darcy's trademark).


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Meeting-cum-celebration

It was roaring hot on 22/2/2010 where we had 26 members and guests attending the Chinese New Year cum Roaring Toastmasters meeting. We were honored to have 2 special guests from District 51 – LGM Francis Ng, DTM and Are W6 Governor, Ng Lay Choo, ACB, CL. In addition to our normal refreshment, we had the special “Yee Sang” sponsored by Ong Siew Chien, DTM.

When I first stepped into the meeting room, I could not believe my eyes. All the 4 walls were decorated with the word – FOOK pasted upside down and red packets. There were pomelos and nien kao beautifully arranged on a red table in the centre front of the meeting room. All of us felt energized, prosperous and VERRY ONNGG indeed!

The Toastmaster of the Evening, Mok Soo Pon, ATMB, CL was not only dress to the occasion but also kept the energy high throughout the meeting.

One of the highlights of the evening is the Chinese Tea session conducted by Alfred Koh, ACS, CL. He demonstrated the process step by step. He brought his personal tea set, the room’s d├ęcor and even the red table all the way from Gua Musang. Special thanks to Alfred. We also celebrated Alfred’s birthday with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song and cake.

Table Topic Master Chrissy Steinhardt packaged the topics perfectly by incorporating the theme of the meeting - Roaring Toastmasters Meeting and the word of the day - Prosperous. 2 of our guests took up the challenge and one of the guests – Cik Faz became the Best Table Topic Speaker.

We were mesmerized by very interesting project speeches. Darcy was fantabuluous with his body movements sharing his helicopter experience. Lawrence was superb in his adaptation of the movie – Lord of the Rings. Mun Yuen was dead serious with her topic – Going with the Flow. Hats off to the project speakers!

Simon Soh, ACG tickled us with a humorous evaluation of Darcy’s speech using the acronym – V I A G R A. Simon is no more simple Simon but funnyman Simon. The General Evaluator, Grace Tan, CTM, CL was so meticulous in her overall evaluation that even the Table Topic Evaluator, yours truly, was given a written evaluation of my evaluation.

As the Organizing Chairman for this Roaring Toastmasters meeting, I take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the role players, sponsors and participants. Your support, your presence and your contribution made it a WONDERFUL meeting.


Koh Teck Lee
Vice President of Public Relations

Posted by KC Leong


Monday, February 22, 2010

Toastmaster Awareness Month

Toastmaster Awareness Month with Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club

Theme of the evening: Your 8th World Wonder

Come and join us!!

All, including non-toastmaster club members are welcome.

Date: Monday 8 March 2010

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam, KGPA, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Direction: Opposite Eastin Hotel. If you are coming from Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam or Klang, after Shell and Petronas stations, turn left at the traffic light (below the ramp of the Sprint Highway).

Call Lawrence Hoo: 012-2999425

or email: lawrencehoo76@yahoo.com

for more information.

Posted by KC Leong

Saturday, January 16, 2010


What an amazing Monday night (11 January 2010) ! We had 4 contestants for the International Speech Contest and 7 contestants for the Table Topics Contest. All of them did their best in entertaining the audience with their creative and inspiring speeches.

May I present you the results for both the Contests :-

International Speech Contest
Champion : Lawrence Hoo, CC
1st Runner-up : Simon Soh. ACG
2nd Runner-up : Koh Teck Lee, ACB, ALS

Table Topics Contest
Champion : Simon Soh, ACG
1st Runner-up : Chrissy Steinhardt
2nd Runner-up: Darcy Steinhardt

The champion and 1st runner-up for both the Contests will represent Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club to the Area W6 International Speech and Table Topics Contest hosted by SAI Masters Toastmasters Club.

Details as follows :-

When : Sunday, 24/1/2010 from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm

Where : 24, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur


Koh Teck Lee
Vice President of Public Relations

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Joint Meeting with Mid-Valley Toastmasters Club

On 28 December 2009, a joint meeting was conducted between Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club and Mid-Valley Toastmasters Club.

The meeting was formally opened with the presidential address delivered by Ismail Fahmi, the President of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club.

It was indeed a great evening with entertaining speeches.

World-renowned distinguished speaker, K. Loghandran, Runner-up at the World International Speech Contest 2008, presented a humor session. He has the audience in stitches: they laughed and laughed...

Lawrence Ho won the Prepared Speeches Category with his topic "So What's Next".

Click here to read full texts written by Mid-Valley Toastmasters Club.

President of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club, Ismail Fahmi

Posted by KC Leong,