Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests 25July2005

Dear Esteemed Members,

The Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest lead by our Contest Chairs, CTM Mok Soo Pon and CTM Gwendoline Gwee went on well.

We were fortunate to be able to get the assistance of an excellent Chief Judge Ramdas Nayar and his team of credible judges.

In Humorous Speech Contests, we had 3 contestants namely :-
1) Duncan Tan, CTM
2) Chow Mun Yuen, CTM
3) Lim Hin Chong, ATMS

The winners were :-

Champion - Lim Hin Chong, ATMS
1st Runner up - Chow Mun Yuen, CTM

In the Evaluation Contest, we had 5 contestants and they were :-
1) Koh Teck Lee, ATMB
2) Kanniaseelan Varathan, ATMB
3) Mok Soo Pon, CTM
4) Lim Hin Chong, ATMS
5) Hor Kam Peng, ATMB

The winners were :-

Champion - Mok Soo Pon, CTM
1st Runner up - Hor Kam Peng, ATMB
2nd Runner up - Lim Hin Chong, ATMS

Kudos!!! to the winners of the contests.

We had support from our Mentee club HELP University College where Ashwin and Arvind plus VPE Joyce Hue were present at the contests.

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Persuade With Humour

Beloved members, our upcoming workshop - Persuade with Humor have been receiving an overwhelming response, it started with 10 tickets sold but after Loghan appeared on TV3 in the Malaysian Hari Ini program at 8.30 am, the numbers shot up to full house for the room we book in KGPA.

After much negotiation with KGPA, we now will have our workshop in Restoran Seri Mutiara with comfortable seats and better ambience plus good dinner.

As the tickets are been snapped up very fast, I have a few left for you which is going for a special rate @ RM10 per pax. This cost will include a simple buffet dinner. We have a surprise for you, Montie is joining Loghan or Loggie for this workshop. We will be getting a bonus from Loggie and Montie on their tested experiences for our betterment.

Siew Chien

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A New Date

Please take note that the

Pursuade With Humour Workshop

has been postponed to a new date:

29 July 2005, Friday, 6.45pm

Please scrow down the pages for details.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Report on Club Meeting - Monday 11 July 2005

Dear Esteemed Members,

11 July 2005 was our 1st club meeting with the new President Hor Kam Peng, making her first Presidential speech.

Who was there?

For the first time, in Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club Meeting, we have 28 members and guests. Every corner of the room was filled with interested audience with their eyes looking eagerly and ears tuned in for what's in store for the evening.

We had 3 Distinguished Toastmasters, Celine, Loghan and Siew Chien. 95% of the Past Presidents of the club were there to support the club meeting. Our baby club HELP University College Toastmasters and Sunway Toastmasters were also present.

What's for starters?

Our President gave us a tip on a simple looking plant called the 'plucking plant' translated from Cantonese. She prepared a drink from this plant and share a tip for cleansing and maintaining good health with a simple and inexpensive method by planting a plant.

To add flavour to the starters, we had DTM Loghan who add humor by relating a story.
"A man spend RM2,000 on equipment for scuba diving. When he was in the sea, he saw a man with no equipment at all, was seen 'swimming' in the deep sea.
He thought he was so foolish to spend so much money while the other joker went under water with nothing. He scribble a simple note "how did you do it without any diving equipment?"

The man replied " You Idiot, I am drowning."

Toastmaster of the Evening, DTM Celine, took us through the evening by making sure the guests and the members on the proper protocol of Toastmasters.
She provided us with the "Main Meal" of the meeting. Table Topics and Assignment Speeches.

Table Topics was undertaken by Duncan, our new CTM with his creative topics like,
"Tell us your secret, how to live up to 500 years"
"If you were allowed to bring yourself to 10 years old, what would you want to change"
The speakers were wonderful as they use their creativity and tact to manage their topics.

Assignment Speeches, we had two eager beavers to start off their journey in Toastmastering, King Thim and Eng Yau.
Followed by a dramatic and interesting topic on 'Adultery' by Alfred Koh.
To complete the session on Assignment Speeches, we had two members from HELP to remind us on the journey of Success in their perspective.

What's for F&B?

There is no caterer, it was certainly a different scenario from the normal catered food of fried noodle and a snack. We had Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizzas from PIzza Hut. Desserts and cake contributed Lim Hin Chong, and bananas by Teck Lee.

What was the 'mood' at the close of the meeting?

We manage to stir interest in our guests, as they enquired for our membership forms. We also had 'long lost members' who have now renewed their interest to join the club - Joseph Sunder.

All of us left the meeting ....feeling energise and an evening well spent.
By DTM Ong Siew Chien

Till end .......next update is on 25 July 2005.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Persuade With Humor Workshop - 29 July 2005

Public Workshop Series…………..Series 2/05

with elements of theatre

If you have the ability to persuade people to do whatever you want them to do, you don’t need anything else. R. Kopmeyer

Humour through improvisional theater will help you appreciate audience dynamics.
Toastmaster magazine June 2005

How can you benefit from this workshop?
Before you persuade anyone, you must first be liked.
One of the ingredients in being likeable to others is to be light-hearted.
Once you become light-hearted, you can begin the process of persuasion.

Who is the facilitator?
LOGHAN is an International Speaker and Executive coach to CFOs and CEOs. He is a Producer, Director and Actor of 8 English Comedy Theatre plays. He is a recipient of numerous Outstanding Awards including: -
· World taped Speech champion in 1993.
· Represented South East Asia in 1998
· Best creative writer in 1973.
· Distinguished Toastmaster (USA) 1998.
· The Outstanding Toastmaster of the year 1998
· Excellent service award as Area Governor.
· Best speaker award IBBM Malaysia.
· Certified Customer service trainer (USA)

Who should attend this workshop?
Sales Team / Team Leaders / Aspiring champions in Speech Contests /
Anyone who wants to be an entertaining conversationalist

Make a date with us :
Date - 29 July 2005 (Friday)
Time - 6.45pm to 9.30pm
Venue - Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam
Bukit Kiara, Off Jalan Damansara
Kuala Lumpur

Your Investment : RM20 per pax OR
Group Rate - RM50 for a group of 3.
For further enquiries and reservations, please call :-

Siew Chien 012-311 3026 OR Email : oschien@pd.jaring.my

K P Hor 012-235 5232

Organised by : Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club

In Collaboration with : Spot-on Theatre Petaling Jaya
STAR Training Centre

Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest - 25 July 2005

Dear fellow toastmasters,

Ho! Ho! Ho! It is that time of the year again. T'is the season of laughter. There will be no normal meeting on the 25/07/05. Instead the club is organising the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2005 - 2006 (club level). May I present myself as the Humorous Speech Contest Chairman while our VPE, Gwendolyn is the Evaluation Contest Chairman. I am officially inviting every member who is eligible to participate either in the Humorous Speech or Evaluation Contest.

The slots for the Humorous Speech Contest are being taken up like hot cakes. Thumbs up for the six (6) contestants who gladly nodded their heads and raised their hands during the meeting. They are Alfred Koh, Duncan Tan, Hor Kam Peng, Kanniaseelan, Lim Hin Chong and Ng Cheong Boon. Do not worry, my dear friends, for I still have available slots for the Humorous Speech Contest. So click on your mouse and reply to this e-mail, FAST.

Good night or should I say good morning. Chao!

Soo Pon
Humorous Speech Contest Chairman

Club Meeting on 11 July 2005

Dear Esteemed Members,
Time flies. It's already the beginning of a new term 2005/2006, a new beginning for the Incoming EXCO. Once again we would like to thank the Outgoing EXCO for leading us in 2004/2005 and welcome on board the new EXCO 2005/2006. We together with your support envisage to assist each other to turn all our Dreams into Reality through the Power to Change.
The new EXCO specially with the leadership of our President ATMB Hor Kam Peng and the mentorship of our dynamic VPPR DTM Ong Siew Chien has lined up quite a few exciting,educational,entertaining programs for the year. For us to serve you better and also for you to benefit from being a member of the club is to partake in all the activities the club has to offer.

So here I wish to remind members that 11/07/05 (Monday) is our regular meeting for the month and we will be having two enthusiatic new members doing their ice-breaker speeches. Your support is most appreciated. Attached is the Agenda for the meeting, please peruse it and if for any unforseen circumstances the role players cannot make it for the meeting please call me at 019-3551653.

Attach also is the Tentative Mentee and Mentor List for 2005/2006 which I forward herewith for Mentors'concurrence. In the event that either party would like to swap or the Mentor is unable to oblige, please feel free to revert to me.

Find Your Voice and Serve Your World.

Yours truly
Gwen Gwee
VPE 2005/2006