Saturday, August 23, 2008

Humourous and Evaluation Contest

Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club Humourous and Evaluation Contest
Date: August 25, 2008 Monday
Time: 7.00am
Venue: Kelab Gold Perkhidmatan Awam, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Opposite Eastin Hotel)



For more information take the liberty to SPAM US, just as long as you call us and ask us about this contest.

LAWRENCE HOO 012-2999425

CHOW MUN YUEN 016-2187876

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Lawerence Hoo

Posted by KC Leong, SDTMC Webmaster

Club Officers Installation Nite

Dear Esteemed Member,
I am pleased to invite each one of you together with your family members/friends to attend this major joint event of Speakers' Dream TMC and Spot-On Theatre.

Details of the event are as follows:-

Date : 24 AUG, 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 7 p.m.
Venue : KPGA Golf Club (Restaurant on the ground floor)
Cost : RM30.00 pax

To make this event more interesting, each one of you are request to wear a HAT for the function.

Highlights of the event are as follows:-

a) Our famous and talented, K Loghandran is expected to provide fantastic entertainment for the nite.

b) Our popular actress, Loretta and the famous "loan shark"/"Charlie", Lim Hin Chong will sing for us. I guarantee that the songs will be so good that oil will come out from your ears.

c) Presentation of Toastmasters of the Year Award for 2007/2008.

d) Installation of the new Exco for Speakers Dream TMC.

e) Appreciation of the Actors/Actress of "I Will Survive" - Another successful comedy production by Spot-on Thretre.

f) Sumptuous Chinese Dinner will be served in the Club House environment in KPGA. Manu will be advised later.

g) LUCKY DRAWS. Contributions from members for the lucky draws are welcomed.
At this moment, we already have 21 confirmed bookings.
Pls call me at H/P 013-3901055 for booking.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Robert Hue
Organizing Chair
Immediate Past President

Posted by KC Leong, SDTMC Webmaster

Runner-up - World Champion of Public Speaking

Congratulations to our fellow countryman, Mr K Loghandran, DTM. He has made us proud as the first ever Malaysian to achieve a runner-up position in the just–concluded World Champion of Public Speaking in conjunction with Toastmaster International Convention in Calgary, Canada.

Mr K Loghandran, our Distinguished Toasmaster, a motivational speaker, director, stage actor, and stage comedian flown to Calgary with an ambition to make it big in this international arena for the second time. (The first time he competed in this World Champion was exactly 10 years ago, in 1998.) “We think you are fantastic and an inspiration. This will definitely motivate the rest of our members to strive on in their toastmaster journey.” says Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster President, Miss Chow Mun Yuen.

World Champion of Public Speaking is held annually during Toastmaster International Convention, where 30 speakers from their respective areas gathered to give their 5-minute prepared speech. 20 contestants from non-American countries will have to compete in a preliminary round on the pre-conference sessions a few days before the final. 2 of the contestants will be selected to join the remaining 10 contestants from America in the final. The winner will be declared the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Lawrence Hoo

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Poet on Club Meeting

Lo behold itâ?Ts the time of the month again
No ladies I ainâ?Tt talking about the â?~painâ?T
Twice monthly I always make my way there
Speakers Dream Toastmaster meeting every other Monday in KGPA

Seargent-at-arms I led the infantry
Singing Negaraku we sing sans audio CD
I led the symphony without going pitchy
So good I want to share readers this little ditty

Lovely Mun Yuen always the humble speaker
Club president gave her little reminder
â?oremember to exercise your C&L manualâ?
Total â?~implementâ?Ts the language evaluator went to measure

â?~Sohâ?Tring Simpleton Mr Simon
Stories of wise and cries abundant
Always talks with passion always leaves a-ponder
Fearless in speaking your mind this time is what I hear

Table topic master led by yours truly
Olympic season, where I based the topics for bully
Loretta, Elizabeth, Simon, Teck Lee, Jasper, and Darick
Gabbled their lines with 2-minute passionate verbal frolic

Soo Pon as usual the multi-talented tasker
Evaluate speeches and doing ah counter
Melt roles like molten larva in ocean
Counted Loretta ahâ?Ts like cherries during blossom

Assignment speeches, the highlight of the night
Darick with his Teddy, Mee Yee with her homey
Darick made us welled up in tears(almost), Mee Yee brought us to heryounger years (foremost)
Evaluator Robert and Elizabeth all said speeches well composed

Teck Lee, the general evaluator got up and the floor got silent
Guests all came and tells us the meeting was pleasant
Darick won the table topic session, Loretta was absent(minded)
Almost announced the winner before calling the president

Night was fun, people was fluid
We bid goodbye and hope the next meeting come quick
We donâ?Tt have to wait till our next incarnation right?
Cause 24th August, 2008 Sunday is the Installation night.

Written by

Lawrence Hoo

Posted by KC Leong, Webmaster

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Speakers’ Dream at Calgary

International Speech Contest is the only worldwide event organized by Toastmasters International, if there is a nirvana in speaking contest, this is it. The contest will be held in conjunction with annual International Conference, which this time is going to be at TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, Canada, a 4-day conference from August 13 to 16, 2008.

The winner of International Speech Contest will be crowned the “World Champion of Public Speaking”. The representative from District 51(a cluster of three countries: Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia), is our own Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club child, the incomparable, infallible, the have-I-said-enough-good-things-about-him-already Distinguished Toastmaster K. Loghandran!Contestants will come out with a five to seven minutes of original speeches.
K. Loghandran, DTM - The Contest Chair at the recent Tall Tales Contest
Before arriving at International Speech Contest, Loghandran went through a series of preliminary contests: First, winning Area W3 (constitutes a handful of Toastmaster Clubs around Petaling Jaya), then victorious at Division W (comprises of 6 area W contestants) and finally triumphing at District 51 (about more than 20 contestants from various Divisions from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia competing here).

At Calgary, Loghandran will have to go through two rounds of competition; first he has to win the Interdistrict Speech Contest, a sort of a semifinal playoff with contestants outside North America, during pre-conference on Tuesday, August 12, 2008. At this stage, there are two separate sessions that will run concurrently. Loghandran will be at Inter-district Speech Contest B, pitting against contestants from countries like Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Middle East and UK.

The other group (Inter-district Speech Contest A) includes countries like Japan, Mexico, Continental Europe and other parts of Australia. Only if Loghandran wins this level then he can compete against 8 finalists from the North America in addition to Speech Contest A winner on Saturday, August 16, 2008.Never had a Malaysian reached the International Speech final and not to mention win this Toastmaster championship. The last time a winner from outside North America won this World Championship was 10 years ago, by a New Zealander. If Loghandran wins he will become the first Asian ever to be crowned World Champion. (Vikas Jhingran, was the first non-white to grab the title last year, but he’s American, so that doesn’t count.)
With En. Azmi Shahrin, DTM, Immeidate Past Div W Governer
I think it’s already a huge feat to even be at such a meet of such stature, not to mention free tickets thrown in for a whole week of holidays in beautiful, mountainous Calgary. So Mr K Loghandran, you are very, very blessed indeed!! We hope you remember to enjoy the journey as much as the successes, of which most of them you already achieved, because you deserve them. Even though it is summer there, the temperature at night can be very cold due to Calgary’s geographical high elevation, so bring extra jacket for precaution.

All our prayers are with you. Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster wishes you all the best and Go Kick Some Rear End!!
Written by Lawrence Hoo
Posted by KC Leong

International Speech Contest - Calgary

Dear Loghandran, DTM,
The members of Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club wish you all the BEST inyour quest to be the best speaker at the International Speech Contest in Canada this August 2008.

We may not be there with you physically but be assured that we will all spiritually support you. We trust you will be at your best and whatever the results may be, we are already very proud of you and indeed very grateful of all your support in our club.
Club President

Club President, CMY

Posted by KC Leong