Thursday, November 29, 2007

10th Anniversary and 11th Installation Nite

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In-coming Club Officers

Dear Esteemed Members,

I am so happy that 10th Anniversary and 11th Installation Nite of our club on Last Satruday was a GREAT Success. Close fellowship, good food, wonderful venue, exciting events like lucky draws, the creative game by VPE Mun Yuen which made us laughs. Do you realised that the games had allowed many of us to act. The actings were funny and really exhaust the wit of the members. I truly enjoyed that session.

Club President, Robert Hue

In the Club environment, we normally have some barriers among us due to our background, age difference, level of our economic/social achievement etc. But during the nite, I personally felt that each of the members were so close to me that I felt like in a family with brothers and sisters around me. Our barriers, if there was any, collapsed like "Berlin War".

During the nite, we also had the opportunity to meet our old friends, like Khalyani who brought her whole family, Past President Seelan and David Anthony. Also, Norashikin who rejoined us as Club member.
For those members who were not able to join us in the Wonderful event, I wish you can join us in future event to experience the fantastic fellowship as we had last Saturday nite.

This year the Toastmasters of the Year Award goes to the dedicated and committed VPE Chow Mun Yuen.

The event would not be a success, if not because of the effort of the followings persons, whom I wish to say a BIG Thank you:-
IPP Gwen, CTM as the Organising Chairman
Success for good turnout, sumptuous dinner, lucky draws and coordinate 2 in one event. I was surprise that the prize of the Luck Draw was of such value. Thanks for your effort to secure sponsors. I really admire your ability to get such a great venue for such good price.

Past President, Loghan, DTM
For arranging the technical aspect to allow us to view the video on team spirit and our drama comedy Flagrante Delicto. Gave us an entertaining evening. GREAT JOB.

Past President, Celine Teh, DTM
Her eloquent citation of the Poem had add colors to the nite.

Past President, Kam Peng, ATMS
You wrote a GREAT Poem to describe the Presidents. Each description fits the president well and also witty. .

At Coco Sports Bar & Lounge, Sunway Lagoon Club, Sunway Kuala Lumpur

Past President, KC Leong, CL
For compiling the photos of this event for the webblog. I also wish to thank him for maintaining a GREAT weblog for the Club. KC, do you know that new members have told me that they are attracted to our Club because of the weblog. What a good work you have done to promote our club.

Area W3 Governor, Lim Hin Chong, ATMS
For conducting the Installation ceremony for our EXCO. Thank you for the good job. You acted like professional as Charlie in the Fragrante Delicto.

Past President Ong Siew Chien, DTM
Last but not least, the goal keeper of the event. You are the one that make the good event better. Always, give us your kind and gentle advice, for any shortcomings in the event. Additionally, also generously contributed to the gifts and lucky draws. Finally, all those who are present, the event would not materialise without you. A BIG Thank you. Hope that you enjoyed the nite as much as I had.
Exco Member, CK Ong
For the splendid task in creating the flyer for members and weblog. Certainly, you have used your expertise and talent to help our Club. You have done a good job despite of your tight work schedule. I salute you.

Best Regards

Robert Hue
Club President
Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club

The Shining Star

Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club (formerly called Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia Toastmasters Club)

By DTM Celine Teh

Where’s the Star that was birthed 10 years ago?
Where’s the IBBM KL Toastmasters Club now?
It catapulted into the District 51 galaxy eager to go!
Shining so brilliantly it dazzled many a hearts with a Wow!

Well, things have changed for better of course
Since IBBM KL became known as Speakers Dream
This shining star has proceeded along its own course
Providing exciting meetings to help members achieve their dreams

Our mentor Wu is not around to hear our glowing report
But we know that we have done her proud
Ten years have passed what have we to report
A list of shining achievements to make any mentor proud

In leadership achievements, we have produced 4 Distinguished Toastmasters in succession
At the district level, a District Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Area Governors have served loyally
At the International Speech contest level, K Loghandran emerged as the District Champion
In the Distinguished Club program, we achieved President’s Distinguished Club victoriously

This shining star has embraced change with much delight
From an in-house club it has become a community club
From STAR seminars it has produced comedy shows that delight
From an underground meeting place it has moved to a golf club

As the Star continues shining ever so bright
Distinguished Club status will always be in sight
By meeting educational and membership goals, we will be alright
Together let us join Robert and team as new frontiers we will sight!

10th Anniversary

Tribute to Presidents of Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club

Written by Hor Kam Peng, ATMS, CL

1. This chartered one has a blue blood line
The King of Mongolia was he
In his tall tale of glory, he had wine and dine
That got everyone going hee-hee-hee Vijayendran V, CTM

2. Curls like actor Minnie Driver
Looks & voice like a famous Oriental singer
This president made it to the Division
Set the club on its way to a lofty vision Celine Teh, DTM

3. His initial is the same as the capital city
Banker, trainer and actor he evolved
Building the club is always his priority
To the delight and benefit of all involved K Loghandran, DTM

4. Speedy Gonzalez she was known
She can neither be copied or cloned
This 21st Century Aeon Flux will stand by
Answering any how and why Ong Siew Chien, DTM

5. Tall and slender is this president
At 11 ½ goals he sets a precedent
Famous for bananas as dessert
No way he will stand by to see the club dessert Koh Teck Lee, ATMB

6. Bubbly and ever smiling
This Captain kept the club a-sailing
Truly reliable and dependable
Now an Area Governor is he able Lim Hin Chong, ATMS

7. Camera goes clicking with feet running
He is also good at writing and blogging
Full of energy and persistence
Keeps the club recognized in world presence Leong Kwan Chong, CTM, CL

8. Black or white is all up to you
When he makes his train goes choo-choo
With good humour and a gleaming smile
As president he always goes the extra mile Kanniaseelan Varathan, ATMB

9 She hailed from Taiping
Always wishing all good cheer and tidings
Probably a banker from start till end
President No. 9 she stands Hor Kam Peng, ATMS

10. Pint-sized and unassuming
If you care, she dares
Lots of guts and full of fun
Fiercely loyal with ideas by the tons Gwendoline Gwee, CTM

11. Stern in looks but kind in heart
His tenure unrolls each meeting with themes
Unleash his leadership to cart
Membership to break the club at its seams Robert Hue, CTM

Artwork of flyer is contributed by CK Ong.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

10th Anniversary of SDTMC

Dear Esteemed Fellow Toastmasters,

Yes! A night not to be missed.

You are specially invited to our very own “STARS”nite!!!

Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club ("SDTMC") specially invites you to join us in celebrating another successful term in our 2-in-1 event: to witness the Installation of our Club Officers for the term 2007/2008 as well ascelebrating our 10th Anniversary of Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club.

Join us at the happening event, the Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club Officers Installation Nite 2007/2008 & 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner!
Date : 24/11/07 (Sat)
Venue : Coco Lounge Sports Bar & Lounge, Sunway Lagoon Club.
Time : 6.30p.m to 10.00 p.m

In any SDTMC event we promise you our 3 Fs: good Food, good Fun and great Fellowship. We have lined up an array of exciting and fun program. Games and of course, there's the lucky draw too.

Highlights of the event:
• Installation Ceremony of EXCO Members
• Down Memory Lane
• Poem Recital
• Games
• Stars Nite-Hall of Fame
• Opportunity to win good value lucky draws.
• Entertainment by a Live Band.

Tickets – RM35 per pax. Call Siew Chien 012-311 3026 or Gwen 019-355 1653 for reservations.

To make it an event worth celebrating and comemorating, your presence is of utmost importance to make the event a success.

Together we S. O. A. R. to greater heights!

Yours Truly
Gwen Gwee IPP
b/h of Organising Committee
Please click here to view the location map to Sunway Lagoon Club.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Execute Your Idea

Note: Due to clashing of events, this workshop is now postponed to Monday 7 January 2008.
Dear Esteem Members,

Everyone has good ideas but not many can transform good ideas into action.

Come! Come and learn to overcome your mental block and turn your ideas into realty.

Come and support the workshop conducted by our founder club member, DTM, K Loghadran.

Fong Mun Toh and K. Loghandran

The followings are the credentials of DTM, K Loghandran:-

World Taped Speech Champion 1993
District 51 Champion 1998
International Stand-up Comedian
International Training Consultant

He is currently the director of our sister-club, Spot-on-Theater. The sister club has since performed two comedies, acted by Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club ("SDTMC") members.

He and his another well known partner, Fong Mun Toh ("Monti") are well know artists of the local performance arts circle. Both of them has recently performed a comedy in Hong Kong.

Best Regards

Robert Hue
Club President


Execute your Idea

Turn your Idea into Reality........Success.......$$$$$$$$$$

You spot an idea!!

You need a structure to realize it You need to translate an idea into production

Come and spend an evening with DTM, K. Loghandran who will help you :-

· Transform your idea into actionable steps

· Execute your idea from concept into execution

Behind every idea are the seeds to their unfoldment

Your investment RM20 per pax / RM50 for 3 pax / RM100 for 10 pax (includes light refreshments and notes)


For reservations, please contact:

Sew Chen - 012-3113026 or email -

Robert - 013-3901055

Book in your diary for this special date:

Date - 28 Nov 2007 (Wednesday)

Time - 6.45 pm till 9.15 pm

Venue - Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA)

Restoran Mutiara Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Organised by :



SDTMC members in Restoran Mutiara of KGPA

Photos by KC Leong