Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farewell to Simple Simon

On 1 July 2010, ACG Simple/ Funny/ Amazing Simon Soh left Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club. Simon’s bubbly, yet wise personality has surely made his presence felt in every TM meeting, not just as an amazing speaker but also a dearest friend in our hearts.
For every fortnight, we would be clutching our seats, eyes fixated on the agenda paper, curiously wondering what Simon will say in his next speech. We would be awed and amazed by Simon’s impactful speeches, spiced with heartfelt wisdom, warm sincerity and a pinch of humor.

Here is just a small list of his major achievements as a Toastmaster:

1) Achieved Toastmasters Educational Distinction (ACG) distinction. However, he still repeated the Communication and Leadership Manuals to help the club achieve DCPs.

2) Won Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster of the Year Award on year 2009.

3) Actively competed in club contests.

4) Represented club in area contests, one of which he became a 1st runner-up, and then champion in Area W6 International Speech and Table Topics contests respectively.

5) Brought in enthusiastic people to become new members of the club.

6) Filled in for absent officers.

7) Took up roles when not dong speeches.

8) Occasionally won Best Speaker and Best Evaluator awards.

9) Served as an encouraging mentor to other speakers.

10) Visited other clubs to do speeches.

11) Volunteered to take on special assignments which enhanced the quality of the club and offered to do CL to help club in achieving DCPs.

12) Whether in officer position or not, he was a keen Toastmaster.

13) Conducted various workshops.

14) When he personally developed himself, the club also benefited from his wealth of thoughts and experiences.

List of Simon’s achievements compiled by Chow Mun Yuen. Many thanks!

He will certainly be missed in every meeting in the future, and we do hope Simon shall come to SDTMC as a guest.

Whenever I see an empty seat in the hall, I’d be reminded of Simon. He had left a legacy, an imprint of himself in the club, and it is up to us, the new blood of SDTMC to continue living his legacy, and make him proud.
We shall strive not to be better speakers, but to be a better self. That we shall promise

Simon Soh proudly showing his coveted Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster of the Year 2009 Award

Simon together with Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters.

Simon just can’t wait to use his camera to capture our Toastmasters’ gleeful faces!

Simon won the Humorous Speech Contest in 2008.

Happy day at SDTMC!
Ps: Photos sourced from Simon Soh’s Facebook.

Written by: Vincent Chow
Posted by: KC Leong

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