Thursday, September 22, 2005

Club Meeting on 12 Sep 2005

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As we moved into the 3rd month of the new term 2005/2006 under the leadership of our club President Hor Kam Peng, we have three new sign ups and one reinstated member to date.

Welcome on board our very new member - Christine

Are we going to be awarded the special ribbon from the district……..we certainly can, if only members will bring another two new signs before end of September 2005. With this development, we will also achieve one DCP goal in membership.

How was the mood in the meeting this evening?

There was certainly a demand for speaking slots; we have five C&L speakers and one ACL speaker. Only one C&L speaker could not attend due to last minute unforeseen circumstances.

The Table Topic session was replaced by Humor session where five members display their lighter side. Even the ‘timid’ VPE Gwen participated in this session.

We had two Icebreakers, Sabapathy and Yap Mei Han took ‘the cat of their bags’ to allow us discover about them. Then we have eager Bryan who spoke on ‘Hurricane Katrina” while Alfred spoke on near encounter ghostly experiences in Kota Baru.

Kam Peng spoke on the subject Assertiveness and did a role-play with Hin Chong as the contractor. In the role-play, Hin Chong was supposed to realign the tap that was causing Kam Peng distress. Finally Kam Peng managed to convince via the skills of Assertivness to follow her plan.

The Best Humour speaker this evening was ATMS Lim Hin Chong.

Strangely, there were two best assignment speakers and evaluators. This indicated that the audience of 20 was attentive to the speakers and evaluators that led to the double results.

The Best Assignment Speakers were Alfred Koh and Bryan Lee.

The Best Evaluators were DTM Loghandran and DTM Ong Siew Chien.

Good nite.

Don’t forget to attend another exciting meeting on 26 September 2005 at 7 pm.

From the Desk of VPPR – Siew Chien
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