Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Honour of PDG Lilian Lau

Dear All,

It was an honour to serve the late PDG Lilian Lau as her District 51 Secretary 2001-2002. It was a most memoral period from the Installation in Hong Kong 2001 to the Celebration of District 51 as the Number 1 district in the world at San Antonio 2002, USA and the Hall of Fame in Singapore 2002.

Through it all,

...her passion for excellence
...her passion for integrity
...her passion for high standards
...her dedication and commitment
...her determination and drive
...her understanding and concern
...her inspiring leadership
...her firm belief that District 51 can "Create its Destiny"
was the fire that kept the District 51 torch burning right till the last moment.

The Destiny was created...
The Dream was crystallized
The Goal was achieved
DG 51 2001-2002 has created history
"District 51 is No. 1"

I know that PDG Lilian will Rest In Peace
I am glad that she will not suffer any more pain
PDG Lilian is free from the world's sorrows
I will miss her very much as mentor and friend.


Celine Teh, DTM
District 51 Secretary 2001-2002

Message from District 80 Governor

It is with a most heavy heart that I bring news of our beloved Lilian Lau who has left us to be home with her Lord last night at 9:42 pm.

Lilian fought valiantly for 18 months against her illness. She had been diagnosed as having lung cancer, already in an advanced stage. Her incredible strength and resolve kept her going even though doctors had given her only a few months. The disease eventually spread to her brain.

She won great affection and admiration from all Toastmasters not only from District 51 which she served as District Governor from 2000-2001, but also from our international family & leaders. Her clarion call to "Create Your Destiny" inspired so many of us to set firm tracks in our pursuit of excellence.

As a member of the Advisory Board for District 80 this year, she was a constant source of encouragement and assistance to our current Executive Committee - all this despite the great discomfort of her progressively debilitating illness.

Lilian will rest at Blk 187 Bishan St 13 today (Sat 12 Nov) and tomorrow. The cortege will leave at 12:30 pm on Monday 14 Nov for Mandai Crematorium Hall 1 for the service at 1:30 pm.

No wreathes please. All donations will be given to Toastmasters International Smedly Fund.

May God's Blessings be upon everyone of you. Take good care.

Warmest regards,

Khong Chooi Peng DTM
District 80 Governor
Serving Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore.

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