Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Dream Star

Eight years ago to this day
A Star was born
It was the IBBM KL Toastmasters Club, birthed
Into the District 51 Galaxy in the Far East

Eight years have gone by
The Star has matured and grew is own wings
It pursued its own dream to become
“The Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club”

Shining bright in the District 51 Galaxy
The distinctive commitment of its past leaders
Remain its core strength, with 7 past presidents still in attendance

In terms of achievements,
We are a President’s Distinguished Club
We have District International Speech Contest Champion
We have 4 Distinguished Toastmasters

In terms of creativity and fun,
We have acted in a comedy play produced by our own
Producer and Director
We have organized comedy workshops, winning speech
workshops, children’s drama workshops and debates
Our latest furor is in the world of “karaoke” competition

As the Dream Star pursues its journey
With Captain Kam Peng in its helm
Let’s rally behind her and reach beyond the galaxy
Together we have the power to change and make
our dreams a reality

Written by : Celine Teh, DTM, Past District 51 District Secretary

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