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Please click here to view 124 photos on rehearsal.
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It was most satisfying to hear the burst of continuous laughter of varying intensity from audience. On Wednesday 26 July, 8.30pm, it was the first of the five consecutive performances at the Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex. It was a reflection of months of hard work by the 19 cast members, the Director and the Producer.

To ensure the sequence of acts/scenes were smoothly executed, the cast did the final rehearsal again in compressed or fast-forward mode with the Sound and Lighting technicians (from the Actors Studio), and Stage Manager at 6.30pm – two hours before show time. The results: almost flawless performance with transition from one act/scene to another.

From audience’s feedback after the show last night, they were satisfied with the performance. Here are the extracts of their feedback:


From an American couple:"We enjoyed the show. We can see the cast enjoyed doing their roles."
From others:"Certainly an entertaining show, we enjoyed ourselves. We will tell our friends to come."


From KH:

My pleasure to be there to laugh out loud!! Laughter is the Best medicine.All the best to all of you. Wishing you success in your performance.
All of you are so talented… not just oral communication but acting as well.


From Steven:

B4 the play, the lady announcer announced that the play will last for 90 1st reaction was "WAH! 90-long minutes! How to survive?"

The stage's lights on and off...the casts all lined-up to be introduced. "WAH! 90 minutes has passed"... this proved that the play is really entertaining - makes us laugh and happy. That's why time flies.

Well done.


From Lilian:

Thanks for getting the tickets and just wanna say that we enjoyed the show. A very talented and enthusiastic cast, they really look like bank people. Especially 'the lady with the big eyes' who is just quite outstanding although everyone had their moments!

Not easy when there are so many in the cast, but good fun nonetheless! Well done to you and all your friends who put this together. Looking forward to the next one!

From Jason Chin:

It's was good show with great cast! My favourite is the Big Hair Lady (I forgot her name)… She looks so natural!


From May Ching:

It was a pleasure to attend the show and thanks for getting the tickets.

The most enjoyable aspect of the show for me was not the jokes or the committed performance of the cast. It was the simple fact that the cast had friends in members of the audience - this was obvious by the easiness of the audience in some more slight nuances or responses to some specific acts or jokes during the show. It was a show of warmth and camaraderie of the audience, and a genuine sense that they were supportive of a really good job done by the cast.

Knowing the cast were all real life normal people, and that they were all members of SD Toastmasters, I had great admiration for the guts of the various fine individuals, old and young, who put out their part time and weekends to prepare for the show. And to perform for a live audience, to act on stage, this is perhaps the greatest validation of a toastmaster's skill - that words, is in form of spoken, written, and expressed through body language. Also, it always feel good to perform for an audience you can relate to - your friends and family. Congratulations on a job well done! I'm sure the high feeling will hold for a while :-)


Cheers to great team work of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club.

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