Monday, May 19, 2008

I Will Survive... the journey continues

Date : 18/05/08

Good morning fellow toastmasters,

It is me again … As a Toastmaster, I am a good listener and scout for feedback from the audience and this is what they say......

Lovelorn Lawrence, your spoken words, your voice as the desperado, begging Sally, the devilish CEO to take you back tear the hearts of many ladies sitting in the centre row. These ladies from UTAR in their early 20's wish they could see more of your "tin kosong" cuuuuute face. Fantastic voice, keep it up, loud and clear!

"I feel I could fly"..........sensational Loretta, you sang beautifully last night to thunderous applause. You were like a chameleon, singing melodiously for a moment. Next, you came on as a damn fierce tigress, wishing that you could claw the Bastard, Simon Soar's eyes! My daughters say that you are as fierce as their discipline teacher in school! Great expression!

Hee.. aqua audience thought that you will strip naked, Simon Soar and show him your 6 packs. He was so disappointed. He asked me to send you his regards as he was concerned whether you injured your back lying face down on that cold, hard table! You see, the transvestites do it that way, he told me. I was speechless when he commented and quickly replied, "Excuse me, my bladder is full." and made a quick exit faster than Superman. Hah! Hah!

Oops, got to go now as there is one final show, this afternoon @ 3.00 pm. So members, those of you who have changed your mind and decided to pop over, please call me, Soo Pon @ 013-391-2029 / 03-80704933 (H) / 019-3158082.


Soo Pon

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