Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tall Tales Contest

By Lawrence Hoo

For those who have not heard of Speakers' Dream Toastmaster Club, the most dynamic and vibrant Toastmaster is located at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, diagonally opposite Eastin Hotel, across Sprint Highway.

On Monday 14 July 2008, we have done it again: this time it was organized amidst other installation nights. The Tall Tales contest aimed to find the best 'liars' among Toastmasters in many clubs around Division W. And we did find the most outrageous liars to grace the stage and entertain the 70-strong crowd coming from all over Klang Valley and Gua Musang.
Lawrance, receiving a token from Contest Chair, K. Loghandran, DTM
Eight contestants, three from the host, and five from diverse Toastmaster background, left the stage tongue a-wagging among the audience, throwing praises and asking from the contestants during interim, with questions like "Did it really happen?" with wide-eye amazement and ludicrous expression bordering towards sarcasm.

I get myself my fair share of compliments (ahem) for I trudged through research and readings to prepare this totally-out-of-my-realm type of storytelling. But what was most exhilarating of the whole experience is the ironical relief and internal celebration knowing that I have conquered my stage fright in front of the judging and discerning crowd – a pat in my own back indeed.
Hilarious and exaggerated stories
To sum up the whole event, it was seamlessly executed. We achieved our goal of 70 audiences, although we hoped to have 10 contestants, of which two supposed to come from our club pulled out due to unavoidable circumstances. Kudos to the people who made it happen: Siew Chen, SAA Soo Pon, Teck Lee, the impeccable Loghandran as the Contest Chair, Mee Yee and Ismail Fahmy, Darick, Chau Weng, and photographer KC.

Also congrats to the eventual winners, Ahmad Salehuddin, Simon Soh and Daniel Teh.
L-R: Ismail Fahmy, Lawrence, Mee Yee, Daniel, Soo Pon, Teck Lee and Siew Chien
For the whole audience who came and cheered for your compatriots, thank you very much and do look out for more exciting activities organized by Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club. We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

Thanks and best regards

Lawrence Hoo

p.s. For people who want to remember my name, watch the 1985 Oscar-winning epic 'Lawrence of Arabia' and forever etched that face of mine with the word Arabia Lawrence Hoo.

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