Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Poet on Club Meeting

Lo behold itâ?Ts the time of the month again
No ladies I ainâ?Tt talking about the â?~painâ?T
Twice monthly I always make my way there
Speakers Dream Toastmaster meeting every other Monday in KGPA

Seargent-at-arms I led the infantry
Singing Negaraku we sing sans audio CD
I led the symphony without going pitchy
So good I want to share readers this little ditty

Lovely Mun Yuen always the humble speaker
Club president gave her little reminder
â?oremember to exercise your C&L manualâ?
Total â?~implementâ?Ts the language evaluator went to measure

â?~Sohâ?Tring Simpleton Mr Simon
Stories of wise and cries abundant
Always talks with passion always leaves a-ponder
Fearless in speaking your mind this time is what I hear

Table topic master led by yours truly
Olympic season, where I based the topics for bully
Loretta, Elizabeth, Simon, Teck Lee, Jasper, and Darick
Gabbled their lines with 2-minute passionate verbal frolic

Soo Pon as usual the multi-talented tasker
Evaluate speeches and doing ah counter
Melt roles like molten larva in ocean
Counted Loretta ahâ?Ts like cherries during blossom

Assignment speeches, the highlight of the night
Darick with his Teddy, Mee Yee with her homey
Darick made us welled up in tears(almost), Mee Yee brought us to heryounger years (foremost)
Evaluator Robert and Elizabeth all said speeches well composed

Teck Lee, the general evaluator got up and the floor got silent
Guests all came and tells us the meeting was pleasant
Darick won the table topic session, Loretta was absent(minded)
Almost announced the winner before calling the president

Night was fun, people was fluid
We bid goodbye and hope the next meeting come quick
We donâ?Tt have to wait till our next incarnation right?
Cause 24th August, 2008 Sunday is the Installation night.

Written by

Lawrence Hoo

Posted by KC Leong, Webmaster

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