Friday, September 19, 2008

Public Speaking World Championship 2008

Malaysian Emerges 1st Runner Up In Public Speaking World Championship 2008
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By V. Sankara

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14 (Bernama) -- Like Cuban American singer Gloria Estefan's hot dance number, 'The Rhythm's Gonna Get You', Loghandran Krishnasamy found his very own 'rhythm' to make the country proud when he emerged first runner-up in the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS) in Canada last month.

Backed by 15 years experience as toastmaster, Loghandran presented his captivating speech entitled 'Finding The Rhythm' to win the hearts of a 1,600-strong international audience at the annual event in Calgary, Alberta on Aug 26.

His crisp, clear words and cutting-edge stories stole the thunder from most of the other participants, including those from Ireland, England and Australia at the qualifying rounds, who spoke in their respective accents.

"Generally, Malaysians are articulate and pronounce words which are easily understood. This may be a plus point for them in winning public-speaking contests," the 54-year-old corporate financial training consultant told Bernama in an interview.

WCPS, organised by Toastmasters International, saw the participation of about 25,000 toastmasters from 92 countries in the event.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation which teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

Annually, over 230,000 members from 11,000 clubs across 92 countries participate in WCPS where competitors deliver a seven-minute speech, judged on core message, speech development, language and delivery techniques.

Currently, Malaysia has 321 active toastmasters clubs, with more than 55 situated in Selangor and Klang Valley.

Loghandran, whose home club is Speaker's Dream Toastmaster Club (Malaysia) District 51, described his achievement as the highest honour in the international speech contest ever achieved by any toastmaster at Asian level.

He also received a letter from the Prime Minister's Office, congratulating him on the achievement.

Asked what inspired him to use the theme, 'Finding The Rhythm' in his speech, Loghandran said he chose the theme after observing the lives of people "who have everything but are not happy".
The success in WCPS had given him full conviction that his story-writing skills won the public speaking championship, apart from delivery, he said.

"I will be taking the writing skills to theatre, book writing and movies in future," he said.

Loghandran said he had always pursued a world-class standard, adding that taking part in the WCPS was a conformation that he had achieved the standard.

"I also have this conviction that we can domestically be driven to world class," said the Kuala Lumpur-born.

Among the awards won by Loghandran in public speaking were World Taped Speech Champion and PAN Sea Champion in 1993 and District Speech champion in 1998 and 2008.


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