Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forum - District 51 Toastmasters

This message is sent to all club officers for the term 2008/2009
By Clement Pang, DTMDistrict Public Relations Officer (DPRO) 2008-2009

Dear club officers,

*Do you want to promote your Toastmasters event to all Toastmasters in District 51?*
*Do you have question(s) about Toastmasters that you want to ask?*
*Do you want opinion on topics regarding Toastmasters from Toastmasters members in District 51?*
*Do you have information on Toastmasters or public speaking that you want to share to all Toastmasters in District 51?*

Introducing District 51 Toastmasters Discussion Forum at
your one stop portal for Toastmasters discussion.

No more email chain jamming your inbox. All you need to do is just registeras a member of the forum in order to obtain your login. Once you haveregistered, all you need to do is just to login to post your message or toread what other people have posted.

*To commemorate the launch of District 51 Forum, the District Public Relations team have some special offers for our District 51 members.

*Offer 1:*
For the first 50 Toastmasters members (*) who register as a member of theDistrict 51 Forum starting from Oct 6, he/she will receive the exclusiveDistrict 51 pin. When registering, please specify your active emailaddress.I will communicate with you using this email address for arrangement topassthe district pin.

*Offer 2:*
For the top 3 forum members (*) (based on the number of relevant postings(**)), he/she will receive the following prizes:
#1 - A competent leadership manual
#2 - A new member orientation kit for clubs
#3 - A Toastmasters publicity pack

All prizes are purchased from Toastmasters International

(*) - The following people are exempted from these offers: District 51senior district officers and also District 51 public relations committeeteam members
(**) - Relevant posting is defined as message that is not out of topic.


*1. Events*A forum to discuss all the latest Toastmasters happenings and events indistrict, division, area and club in District 51
*2. Education/Training*A forum to discuss topics regarding Toastmasters education program, thevarious training programs in District such as TLI/DOT and also speechcontests details.
*3. Club/Membership Building*A forum to discuss on club chartering/club rescuing/club mentoring andalsomembership matters.
*4. General Discussion*A forum where topics of discussion are not listed under any of thepreceeding forums

2. Click "Register"
3. Agree with the terms and conditions.
4. Fill in your particulars. Remember to enter your active email address.(*IMPORTANT*)
5. Wait for the email notification to confirm your registration issuccessful. Email notification title will be Welcome to District 51Toastmasters Forum"

Warmest regards,
Clement Pang, DTM
District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) 2008-2009
District Theme "The Courage To Conquer"
Posted by KC Leong, SDTMC Webmaster

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