Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gita Bayu Outdoor Meeting

Dear Esteemed Members,

The outdoor meeting on Sunday 25 Oct was fantastic! There were 22 of us,which include 3 new members and 8 guests. Everybody loves Gita Bayu withits picturesque green lake and surroundings. The meeting was held on theFloating Pavilion of "The Enchanted Garden". The calm surroundings of thelake with occasional splashes of water by fish jumping out of the lakeprovided just the right ambience for Speakers Dream's outdoor meeting.Residents live amongst nature, where we were told some customised housesthere had won awards.

See attachment.
E - Floating Pavilion

It was against this setting that saw the meeting in full swing. Theopening speech by President Ismail was very apt with this message onenvironmental preservation.

Our 1st runner up World Speech Championship, DTM K.Loghandran inspiredmembers and guests with humor and this talk on persuasion, citingSylvester Stallone.

The table topic session was conducted wonderfully by Chrissy Steinhardtwith impromptu speakers speaking from the perspective of objects thatthey are suppose to be. The session was superbly evaluated by ACS ChongSek Lee, our new member. The best table topic speaker went to Daniel whospoke as a 'handbag'.

The assignment speakers were just as captivating. We have 2 ice breakerspeeches from our new members, Paul Chan and Mark Lee who gave ussplendid details about themselves; "The Power of the Spoken Word" byDarcy Steinhardt and "Unforgettable Trip" by Tang Weng Cheong. Darcy, thebest assignment speaker, was vivid and entertaining in his presentation.
Weng Cheong aroused our interest to visit the UK with his non-manualspeech about his rotary trip there.

Finally, our invited GE from Ireland, ACB CL Michelle Coffey with her teamof evaluators sparked members on with their valuable feedback.

At the end of the meeting, surprise.surprise.3 of our non-toastmasterguests join the club without hesitation! The meeting ended with membersand guests proceeding to the Dining Pavilion to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

To members who did not manage to attend the outdoor meeting this time, ournext outdoor meeting will be at Kampar, the hometown of our lovely VPE, CCTan Mee Yee.

Best regard,
Chow Mun Yuen
Immediate Past PresidentOrganising Chair


Anonymous said...

Great! The next outdoor activity is at Kampar? Not kidding? If those who signed uo,do they have the chance to visit VPE Tan's house to hear more about her Tall-Tale Stories on her'Education'.There is no special meaning in these words if VPE has nothing special in her'Education'.Anyway,VPE has finally found a place here that no one knows on her'Education'.Everyone does have a past,no big deal as long as it is not cheating or killing.Our very best to you,VPE.At least,you have made a small small title here as VPE.But,always be honest.Cant always let others judge the book by its cover.The contents of the book is true and more important


Anonymous said...

We were your supporters of your Tall-Tale Stories as we had always believed what you had told us were true when we were friends but now,we realised you had not been truthful to us at that time.Friends? Made us tremble now to recall having you as one.We will not write anything here on your 'Education',don't you worry.We will let you have your'Education' memory be with you,always.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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