Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Club Meeting on 11 July 2005

Dear Esteemed Members,
Time flies. It's already the beginning of a new term 2005/2006, a new beginning for the Incoming EXCO. Once again we would like to thank the Outgoing EXCO for leading us in 2004/2005 and welcome on board the new EXCO 2005/2006. We together with your support envisage to assist each other to turn all our Dreams into Reality through the Power to Change.
The new EXCO specially with the leadership of our President ATMB Hor Kam Peng and the mentorship of our dynamic VPPR DTM Ong Siew Chien has lined up quite a few exciting,educational,entertaining programs for the year. For us to serve you better and also for you to benefit from being a member of the club is to partake in all the activities the club has to offer.

So here I wish to remind members that 11/07/05 (Monday) is our regular meeting for the month and we will be having two enthusiatic new members doing their ice-breaker speeches. Your support is most appreciated. Attached is the Agenda for the meeting, please peruse it and if for any unforseen circumstances the role players cannot make it for the meeting please call me at 019-3551653.

Attach also is the Tentative Mentee and Mentor List for 2005/2006 which I forward herewith for Mentors'concurrence. In the event that either party would like to swap or the Mentor is unable to oblige, please feel free to revert to me.

Find Your Voice and Serve Your World.

Yours truly
Gwen Gwee
VPE 2005/2006

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