Tuesday, May 23, 2006

From the desk of VPPR

22 May 2006 is not another ordinary club meeting but it is the 9th Annual General Meeting for Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club. Most of the Past Presidents were present to support this important event. Who else was there??

New members like Mohd Nor, King Thim and Alfred came to support the 9th Annual General Meeting. Our committee member Sabapathy wanted so much to come and support the AGM and to present his 8th speech but due to unforeseen circumstances at the last minute. Then we have our long lost member Mohd Ariff who finally made it to the AGM despite his busy schedule for meetings at the office. Celine T eh, DTM, despite her busy schedule also came to support the AGM by volunteering to take up the role as Parliamentarian. Our Treasurer took leave to attend the AGM cos it is impossible for her to attend the AGM after work. There are also other members who were quietly managing their stress level at work but gave their dedication and commitment to the club by showing support this evening.

Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club is indeed a fortunate club, well endowed with committed members and with full support by Past Presidents.

It was a smooth sailing AGM with the election of the new Executive Committee Members and they were :-

President - Gwendoline Gwee, CL
VP Education - Robert Hue, CTM
VP Membership - Chow Mun Yuen, CTM
VP Public Relations - Mohd Ariff, CTM
Secretary - Mohd Nor, TM
Treasurer - Ismail Fahmy, CTM
SAA - Choo Yew Fai, TM
Committee Members - Alfred Koh, CTM
Ong Siew Chien, DTM

Incoming President Gwendoline gave an impressive speech and acknowledged the dedication of mentors, Past Presidents plus seek the support of all members to make Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club, a stronger club for the betterment of community.

Before the AGM, we had the club meeting where our Club President Kam Peng presented the Best Speakers Series entitled “Take the terror out of the talk”. She shared with us, the breathing techniques and exercises for relaxation. The next speaker was Siew Chien, DTM who attempted assignment number 2 from the C&L manual with her title “Georgia” where she spoke of her sister’s pampered dog imported from Australia and lead a life where a small percentage of the dogs in the world were enjoying life on planet earth.

The next club meeting is on 12 June 2006, the EXCO would certainly urge all members to attend and share plus network.

From Ong Siew Chien, DTM.

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