Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Club Meeting – Monday 12 June

12 June 2006 was certainly an eventful night. It was the first time in 2006 where all the assignment speakers made their way to the meeting and presented their wonderful speeches.

Mohd Noor set the ball rolling with how to revive your heart or loved ones from leading into a tragedy.

Sabapathy presented his 9th speech of persuasion with instilling us to have more than one income. He took himself as the example where he has 3 jobs. He did not waste his time during retirement but made full use of his productive twilight years.

Next presenter was Soo Pon, who procrastinate for a while but finally with inspiration from the rehearsals of Flagrante Delicto, she delivered one DCP goal for our club by achieving her ATMB title tonight. She narrated her story just as when she was 10 years old. This was certainly a skill you need to have and not forgetting time to rehearse before the speech was presented to us. Bravo Soo Pon!!

M Ariff was a long lost member, nevertheless he made it tonight by sharing with us, one week workshop he had recently. He condensed it to 7 mins. One of the things where I really concur with him from his speech is Steven Covey's book is the past and 'in thing' is empowering with knowledge that will bring us to the next level of success.

Simon, M Ariff's evaluator, suggested M Ariff should hold a one day seminar for his speech presentation.

The meeting this evening brought achievements to the club from Distinguished Status to Select Distinguished Status in Toastmasters International standards. President Distinguished status is just a kilometer away. With the contribution and dedication of our members in completing their CTMs and ATMS, we will achieve 10 goals as desired by Toastmasters International, USA. This the standard of a quality club instilled by Toastmasters International, USA.

This evening, we learned how to save a heart from collapse, reflect on our childhood memories, an eye opener of reality to arm ourselves with another income and close the meeting with reinforcement of acquiring more knowledge for the betterment of our lives.

Our President, Kam Peng, was just back from a wonderful trip to India. She has a tiring day but certainly was rejuvenated after the club meeting.

26 JUNE 2006 is the last meeting of the current term. We will have a surprise for you.

Keep a date with us and make this an eventful memory for you.

Good Nite.

From the Desk of VPPR
Ong Siew Chien, DTM

Changing Your Attitude

Very often, it is not how the world is. It is how we perceived it to be. Happiness and peace of mind are simply mental state that can be invoked, maintained, developed, or abandoned. Your attitude has a tremendous influence on your life. It can shape your thoughts, your behavior, the things you say or do, your habits. Collectively, these things form your life.

The wonderful thing about attitude is that although it has the ability to transform your entire life, it does not require a lifetime of meditative solitude state to change. Anyone can change their attitude virtually at the snap of a finger. Believe it or not, just try it.

If you are torn between staying home and watching the World Cup 2006 and coming for the Toastmasters meeting on Monday, just decide resolutely to come for the meeting, you will. Try it.

See you in tomorrow’s Club meeting, Bring a friend.

Date:- 12th June 2006
Time: 7.00 p.m to 9.15 pm.
Venue: KPGA, Kiara Room
1st Floor, Bukit Kiara

Attach is the Meeting Agenda for your perusal.

Power To Change.

Yours Truly,
Gwen Gwee

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