Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spot the 2007 Stars



The winners of the 2007 International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest

Where DTM Celine Teh emerged as the champion in the 2007 International Speech Contest while ATMB Simon Soh as the champion in the Table Topics Contest!

The overall official results are as follows:

International Speech Contest:
Champion = DTM Celine Teh
1st runner up = ATMS Lim Hin Chong

Table Topics Contest:
Champion = ATMB Simon Soh
1st runner up = DTM Celine Teh
2nd runner up = ATMB Koh Teck Lee

It was certainly a commendable effort made by other contestants who spend their time and efforts to make the Club’s contests a success. Indeed, each of them is a winner for rising up to the challenge.

DTM Celine Teh’s winning speech entitled “Half Time” where she displayed wit and humour to ‘spice up’ her speech presentation which caught the hearts of the audience. DTM Celine was superb in her showmanship and vivid expression.

ATMS Lim Hin Chong gave an illustrative speech on forgiveness where he managed to touch the hearts of the audience. He crafted a ‘heartfelt speech’ which struck a cord in many of us that evening.

ATMB Simon Soh’s speech entitled “Triple A” where he shared with us, his experience in raising his son, Victor. Choking with emotions, Simon succeeded in presenting his inner fears and pride on the trials and tribulations of being a father.

CTM Alfred Koh as a new entrant into the International Speech Contest, jolted the audience with his speech, “Ego Talk’ when he dished out stories of ego and with a touch of his animated self to entertain the audience.


In the Table Topics Contest, contestants were given the topic, “Fear is the greatest motivator”. The audience had the opportunity to witness the skill and wit of the contestants who had ‘to think on their feet’.

Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club’s International Speech and Table Topics Contests on 22 January 2007 were indeed unique. No only was the audience entertained by the creatively crafted speeches and the showmanship of our contestants but were given a chance to participate as ‘judges’ in the Spot the 2007 Stars Contest. Each winning entry must match the official results of the judges. Matching the official results was no easy task.

Kudos! to the sole winner of the Spot the 2007 Stars Contest, Sue Ding and was awarded a gift voucher worth RM120 sponsored by Embun Day Spa.

Everyone who attended this event was appreciated with a door gift worth RM50 sponsored by Embun Day Spa.


Speakers’ Dream Toastmaster Club would like to thank all the judges, role players, contestants and audience for making our first club event in 2007 a success.

Appreciation of thanks also goes to ACER and Embun Day Spa for their generosity in sponsoring the event with prizes, souvenirs and door gifts.

Look out for the next exciting event in February 2007……..the Chinese New Year…..more highlights and surprises to be revealed on 12 February 2007 club meeting.


From the desk of the Organising Chairman
Mun Yuen, CTM

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