Sunday, March 04, 2007

CNY Toastmasters Club Meeting

Dear Esteemed Members

“Yes, a meeting that is unlike any other meeting, an event that you should not miss. Do keep a date with us!!!

Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club warmly welcomes all members and their guests to join us in the forthcoming celebration,
Abundance and Prosperity Gong Xi Fai Chai.”

26 February 2007, happens to be the auspicious 9th day of the Chinese New Year and 23 members and guests participated in this eventful meeting. We had long lost member Christine and ‘busy’ members like Celine, DTM, Loghan, DTM and KC Leong, CL who made their appearances in this ‘momentous’ meeting.

The meeting room was certainly filled with festive feeling and the creative decorations of the Chinese New Year, sets the momentum. Lovely handmade mini baskets of oranges for everyone were placed around the tables. The theme “Abundance and Prosperity Gong Xi Fai Chai” for the evening offered what it promises earlier to the members and guests who made the right choice to spend the evening with Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club.

President Gwendoline presented the Prosperity Pyramid Angpow to all members. It is an ancient belief of the Indians and if you continue to say the phrase “Everyday in every way, I am getting richer and richer” for 15 times every morning with the Prosperity Pyramid in your hand for 30 days. Try it out, a surprise could come your way.

Meeting started off with the building of Abundance and Prosperity project. Members gather round the table with the basket of oranges and as a team built the tallest Abundance and Prosperity Tower within 1 minute. It was certainly an indication of good team spirit among the members and guests to come up with a great idea in a short space of time.

Loghan, DTM as usual, will share his ideas or articles and this time, he spoke on ‘Hope” where the audience listened attentively to his tips.

Table Topics was lead by our Immediate Past President Kam Peng, ATMB who made a conscientious effort by crafting the lovely handmade baskets (from used CNY cards) as gifts for our members and guests. She has specially designed her topics to suit the festive occasion and all participants were rewarded with Angpow and basket of oranges.

We had another interesting session where 3 speakers presented invaluable tips for our audience. Choo Yew Fai presented his 5th speech from the Communication and Leadership Manual, entitled “I got time to hurry.” He reminded us to spend carefully and to save for the rainy days.

Alfred Koh, CTM presented his title “English as the second language” from the advanced manual, “Speaking to Inform.” He gave a good account on how to educate and capture the interest of children in learning the English Language. It was certainly very useful for members who can use the valuable tips to guide their children.

Simon Soh, ATMB who attempted the advanced manual, Public Relations with his title “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.” He portrayed as the Public Relations Manager of High 5 Bread Company where the issue of cleanliness appeared in the Press recently. He appeared so cool and composed when responding to the questions of the audience. A great transformation of Simon, normally he is a ‘stressed’ speaker. Well done Simon!!

General Evaluation was undertaken by Loghan, DTM who had a good team and gave excellent reports on evaluation of assignment speakers and others.

As in the spirit of giving, we had door gifts worth RM50 and lucky draw worth RM180 sponsored by Embun Day Spa. The lucky draw was won by Leo, our prospective member.

A well attended event with good teamwork to ensure this meeting was a success!!

Kudos!! to President Gwen and her EXCO

March 2007 happens to be

the Toastmasters Awareness Month……………

What is happening in the forthcoming meeting …….12 March 2007???

Move Ahead with The Dream Stars
An evening of interesting & entertaining speeches
Spice up with Humor session and Do Your Thing Session
Members take the opportunity to unlock their talents and bring them on stage in their speech presentation

12 March 2007 (Monday) at 7.00 pm at KGPA.

Keep a date with us .

Your presence will certainly make a big difference.

Bring a guest and share with them about Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club. Further queries, contact :-

Robert Hue – 013-3901055
Mun Yuen – 016-6781431
Siew Chien – 012-3113026

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