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Jive with The STARS

Jive with The STARS was the theme for the evening of 26 March 2007. It was the second meeting of the Toastmasters Awareness Month where we share with members of the community about how Toastmasters can transform a ‘shy mouse’ to a ‘roaring lion’.

Our two themes for the month of March 2007 have earned the club 5 new members. With this achievement, our club is once again remained in the ‘shining light of the District 51’ by responding to their membership drive campaign.

Filepix on 26 Feb 2007
This success was attributed to the great teamwork from members of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kudos!! to our President, Mentors, Past Presidents, EXCO and Members who roped in their friends, we certainly created a new record in recruiting 5 new members within one month.

President Gwendoline and the EXCO welcome our new members to Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club :-

Caryl Hean
YU Foong Sin
Ong Choo Kheng
Gui Huey Sywu
Leo Koo Seng Yik

The year 2007, have been very auspicious for Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club where we have May Lim who emerged to support the club in January and Loretta joined shortly in February 2007.

Our Club now has 7 new members which equates to 1.75% of DCP Goals for the membership goal. Let’s all try to get 1 more new member to garner the 2 goals for membership to reach the President Distinguished Club status.

This evening started off with our VPE Robert who was always early to ensure the meeting setup was in order, was held up as one of his car tyre punctured. We had no meeting agenda. As usual, the reliable VPE Robert was determined to reach the venue as soon as possible. He did made his appearance at the club meeting on time.
We had a vibrant opening with the ASA role undertaken by TM Loretta who was cheerful and followed by our vivacious President Gwendoline with her motivating presidential speech. The General Evaluator ACS Hor Kam Peng compared the original meeting agenda via email and the current one, it has made a 180 degrees change but with TME DTM Siew Chien and the roleplayers who filled in the vacant roles quickly, ensure the smooth flow of a wonderful meeting.

There were 2 Do Your Thing sessions where ACS Hor Kam Peng reminded us to SMILE and it can mean a great change in our daily lives. CC Chow Mun Yuen took the second session and shared with us, her transformation from the naïve and shy Ms Chow into the confidence Chow Mun Yuen. She was grateful and appreciative as she made the right decision in joining Toastmasters. Recently, she was assigned within 24 hours to attend a conference in Abu Dhabi. She was delighted at herself for being able to mingle around with the overseas crowd with confidence.
Filepix on 26 Feb 2007
The Table Topics Session was undertaken by CC Lee King Thim who chose topics on ‘nature’ where 5 members from the audience took part.

TM Carlyn Hean emerged as the Best Topic Speaker for the evening.

There were two speakers who participated in the Speech Presentation session where CC Chow Mun Yuen attempted the Entertaining Speaker manual with her title, “Wait & See – Life is a Wonder.” She was instructed by her boss to leave for Abu Dhabi within 24 hours and was not given the liberty of time to pack or take time off but to come to work with her baggage and leave for the airport from the office. Can you imagine a single Chinese lady going to a Middle East country alone for the first time of her life. She was narrating her interesting and unexpected experiences in Abu Dhabi.

ACS Simon took the assignment from the Speeches by Management manual with speech entitled, “The Alignment,” He spoke of the 4 important elements of life and they are living, love, learning and legacy.

The programme progressed with Humor Session undertaken by CL Ng Cheong Boon who gave his version of Tai chi and how to pass the buck on when you encountered an issue, the work smart way.

CL Cheong Boon narrated a story where a marketing manager of a company visited an island in the Pacific Ocean and noticed the women do not know how to wear bras. He made a marketing report and suggested promoting the benefits of wearing of bras in that island and to find a market for his company.
Filepix on 26 Feb 2007
We took a ‘Teh Tarik break’ and continue with Networking session for 10 minutes. KGPA serves very smooth ‘Teh Tarik.’

The meeting resume with the General Evaluation session conducted by ACS Hor Kam Peng and her talented team who gave valuable feedback.

It was certainly another wonderful evening with interesting flow of events and participation of the members and guests.

To find out what is happening on 9 April 2007, come see for yourself, the surprises and experiences you may gain that evening.


By Ong Siew Chien, DTM.

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