Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Art of Chinese Painting - 10 June 2007

Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club fulfills the wishes of our members with The Chinese Art of Painting. It started off with our member CC Alfred who displays his passion for Chinese painting in his speech presentation. Members were mesmerized by the stroke of the paint brush where it can bring a meaningful picture to the audience.

CC Alfred with his enthusiasm brought two masters of the Chinese Painting to share with us the techniques. Master Hoo shared with us the secrets of holding the paint brush to produce the different strokes for a meaningful and beautiful piece of work. Master Chan was in her seventies, who does 4 hours of painting everyday. This lady has demonstrated to us that in our twilight years, there is a skill you can pick up to past your time. It certainly enhances the mind and exercises the hands.
With much emphasis on the movements of the hands, if you have ‘stiff’ hands, this is one art you can pick to improve your hand gestures.

We had 27 participants comprising of children and adults who were eager to learn and of course discover their ‘hidden’ talents. The session proceeded on with demonstration and hands-on training. Everyone were either impressed or surprised with their masterpieces where they learn within 5 hours. Our members were proud to display their masterpieces in the club meeting on 11 June 2007.

CC Alfred surprised us by inviting another young and talented artist who specializes in painting mirrors. Master Kiek gave his modern version of Chinese painting. We could see the difference in the skillful strokes of the Chinese paint brush from the modern and conventional Chinese art.

Everyone had the opportunity to learn pictures of the flying sparrows, resting prawn, bamboo fence, bouquet of flowers and etc. The age group of this workshop ranges from 8 years to 58 years. Surprisingly, despite the difference in age gap, Master Hoo could conduct the class with no confusion and fuss.
I was impressed by method of tearing paper into various sizes. You need to fold the paper into half and use the wet paint brush and ‘paint over’ the folded edge. The paper was torn effortlessly into half equally.

The session concluded with demonstration of the masters displaying their skills in the Chinese Art of Painting.

All members and non members enjoyed the session and some have made arrangements with the masters to continue their interest in the art.


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