Thursday, November 29, 2007

10th Anniversary and 11th Installation Nite

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In-coming Club Officers

Dear Esteemed Members,

I am so happy that 10th Anniversary and 11th Installation Nite of our club on Last Satruday was a GREAT Success. Close fellowship, good food, wonderful venue, exciting events like lucky draws, the creative game by VPE Mun Yuen which made us laughs. Do you realised that the games had allowed many of us to act. The actings were funny and really exhaust the wit of the members. I truly enjoyed that session.

Club President, Robert Hue

In the Club environment, we normally have some barriers among us due to our background, age difference, level of our economic/social achievement etc. But during the nite, I personally felt that each of the members were so close to me that I felt like in a family with brothers and sisters around me. Our barriers, if there was any, collapsed like "Berlin War".

During the nite, we also had the opportunity to meet our old friends, like Khalyani who brought her whole family, Past President Seelan and David Anthony. Also, Norashikin who rejoined us as Club member.
For those members who were not able to join us in the Wonderful event, I wish you can join us in future event to experience the fantastic fellowship as we had last Saturday nite.

This year the Toastmasters of the Year Award goes to the dedicated and committed VPE Chow Mun Yuen.

The event would not be a success, if not because of the effort of the followings persons, whom I wish to say a BIG Thank you:-
IPP Gwen, CTM as the Organising Chairman
Success for good turnout, sumptuous dinner, lucky draws and coordinate 2 in one event. I was surprise that the prize of the Luck Draw was of such value. Thanks for your effort to secure sponsors. I really admire your ability to get such a great venue for such good price.

Past President, Loghan, DTM
For arranging the technical aspect to allow us to view the video on team spirit and our drama comedy Flagrante Delicto. Gave us an entertaining evening. GREAT JOB.

Past President, Celine Teh, DTM
Her eloquent citation of the Poem had add colors to the nite.

Past President, Kam Peng, ATMS
You wrote a GREAT Poem to describe the Presidents. Each description fits the president well and also witty. .

At Coco Sports Bar & Lounge, Sunway Lagoon Club, Sunway Kuala Lumpur

Past President, KC Leong, CL
For compiling the photos of this event for the webblog. I also wish to thank him for maintaining a GREAT weblog for the Club. KC, do you know that new members have told me that they are attracted to our Club because of the weblog. What a good work you have done to promote our club.

Area W3 Governor, Lim Hin Chong, ATMS
For conducting the Installation ceremony for our EXCO. Thank you for the good job. You acted like professional as Charlie in the Fragrante Delicto.

Past President Ong Siew Chien, DTM
Last but not least, the goal keeper of the event. You are the one that make the good event better. Always, give us your kind and gentle advice, for any shortcomings in the event. Additionally, also generously contributed to the gifts and lucky draws. Finally, all those who are present, the event would not materialise without you. A BIG Thank you. Hope that you enjoyed the nite as much as I had.
Exco Member, CK Ong
For the splendid task in creating the flyer for members and weblog. Certainly, you have used your expertise and talent to help our Club. You have done a good job despite of your tight work schedule. I salute you.

Best Regards

Robert Hue
Club President
Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club

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