Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Shining Star

Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club (formerly called Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia Toastmasters Club)

By DTM Celine Teh

Where’s the Star that was birthed 10 years ago?
Where’s the IBBM KL Toastmasters Club now?
It catapulted into the District 51 galaxy eager to go!
Shining so brilliantly it dazzled many a hearts with a Wow!

Well, things have changed for better of course
Since IBBM KL became known as Speakers Dream
This shining star has proceeded along its own course
Providing exciting meetings to help members achieve their dreams

Our mentor Wu is not around to hear our glowing report
But we know that we have done her proud
Ten years have passed what have we to report
A list of shining achievements to make any mentor proud

In leadership achievements, we have produced 4 Distinguished Toastmasters in succession
At the district level, a District Secretary, Treasurer and 4 Area Governors have served loyally
At the International Speech contest level, K Loghandran emerged as the District Champion
In the Distinguished Club program, we achieved President’s Distinguished Club victoriously

This shining star has embraced change with much delight
From an in-house club it has become a community club
From STAR seminars it has produced comedy shows that delight
From an underground meeting place it has moved to a golf club

As the Star continues shining ever so bright
Distinguished Club status will always be in sight
By meeting educational and membership goals, we will be alright
Together let us join Robert and team as new frontiers we will sight!

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