Thursday, November 29, 2007

10th Anniversary

Tribute to Presidents of Speakers Dream Toastmasters Club

Written by Hor Kam Peng, ATMS, CL

1. This chartered one has a blue blood line
The King of Mongolia was he
In his tall tale of glory, he had wine and dine
That got everyone going hee-hee-hee Vijayendran V, CTM

2. Curls like actor Minnie Driver
Looks & voice like a famous Oriental singer
This president made it to the Division
Set the club on its way to a lofty vision Celine Teh, DTM

3. His initial is the same as the capital city
Banker, trainer and actor he evolved
Building the club is always his priority
To the delight and benefit of all involved K Loghandran, DTM

4. Speedy Gonzalez she was known
She can neither be copied or cloned
This 21st Century Aeon Flux will stand by
Answering any how and why Ong Siew Chien, DTM

5. Tall and slender is this president
At 11 ½ goals he sets a precedent
Famous for bananas as dessert
No way he will stand by to see the club dessert Koh Teck Lee, ATMB

6. Bubbly and ever smiling
This Captain kept the club a-sailing
Truly reliable and dependable
Now an Area Governor is he able Lim Hin Chong, ATMS

7. Camera goes clicking with feet running
He is also good at writing and blogging
Full of energy and persistence
Keeps the club recognized in world presence Leong Kwan Chong, CTM, CL

8. Black or white is all up to you
When he makes his train goes choo-choo
With good humour and a gleaming smile
As president he always goes the extra mile Kanniaseelan Varathan, ATMB

9 She hailed from Taiping
Always wishing all good cheer and tidings
Probably a banker from start till end
President No. 9 she stands Hor Kam Peng, ATMS

10. Pint-sized and unassuming
If you care, she dares
Lots of guts and full of fun
Fiercely loyal with ideas by the tons Gwendoline Gwee, CTM

11. Stern in looks but kind in heart
His tenure unrolls each meeting with themes
Unleash his leadership to cart
Membership to break the club at its seams Robert Hue, CTM

Artwork of flyer is contributed by CK Ong.

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